We Should Celebrate Our Mistakes

Society demands us to be perfect. But mistakes are a good thing. As a perfectionist, I struggle with mistakes. I overthink, I worry excessively, and I go out of my way to avoid making a mistake at all costs. Yet ironically — all of this nervous energy is what causes me to end up making… Continue reading We Should Celebrate Our Mistakes


Openness & honesty ~ with yourself, with your partner

We hide ourselves from the world, for a good reason. There's a reason why we cover part of ourselves from the rest of the world, why we wear a shield of armor, why we remain partially hidden -- it's because the world is not understanding, the world is quick to judge, and the world is… Continue reading Openness & honesty ~ with yourself, with your partner


Self-care Sunday ~ Teach yourself

You spend your first chunk of life in school, being forced to learn things that bore you and often seem purposeless. School is less about learning and more about conditioning you to detest learning. Multiple choice tests encourage shallow thinking. It counteracts second-guessing, reassessment, and reevaluation -- all the things that open your mind to… Continue reading Self-care Sunday ~ Teach yourself