Self-care Sunday ~ the soothing effect of pushing yourself

The best way to get ahead in life is gently and with ease. Rushing ahead is only going to make you burnout. We are fragile beings yet capable of so much.

To push someone else is draining, wasteful. We tend to push others because we are too scared or lazy to do something ourselves. –Telling them what to do or how to live.

To feel pushed by another is just as depleting. A great amount of ourselves is used trying to please others, compromise, and balance out conflicting energies. The expectations placed upon us feel heavy and weigh us down.

When you push your own self, you are actually getting somewhere. It can seem like a struggle, but essentially you are cradling your soul. Once you push past the human nature to rebel against yourself, you no longer feel like an enemy of yourself.

Don’t try to get things done by telling others what to do, and don’t let other people tell you what you need to be doing. There is a great imbalance of pushing and pulling in the world. If you do not create your own life, set your own goals, master your own intentions — you will inevitably be the person pushing others or getting pushed by others.


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