Self-care Sunday ~ NOT OK IS OK

It’s okay to say that it’s not okay.

It helps to take a step back and look at the big picture, see how our problems are tiny and irrelevant when you think about the planet, compared to the size of the sun, compared to the size of the solar system — the galaxy — the entire universe. But life is not lived through that point of view. We do not have a bird’s eye of the universe — just our incredibly limited perception. So it’s normal to feel like your problems are the size of the universe, because from your own perspective, that is entirely true.

Some say that “everything is meant to be,” that hardships happen for a reason, that negative experiences teach us great lessons. And I do believe in the accuracy of all those statements. However, I also believe that sometimes we do make wrong turns and sometimes a lack of protection and information leads to real danger.

I think it’s freeing to say, “you know what? Today sucks. Everything sucks. I hate everything.” Because then you can let it go, and maybe tomorrow will be better. Sometimes you need to let yourself fall apart. Otherwise, it’s like continuing to put icing on top of a stale cake. It’s not going to taste any better no matter how much you try to cover it up. Just restart and bake a new, fresh cake. 


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