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Ottawa, Canada

Last weekend, I took a family vacation to Ottawa, Canada. I believe it was my seventh time in Canada: Niagara falls in 2001, Lake Placid in 2006, southwestern Canada in 2008, Quebec city in 2012, Banff and Calgary in 2013, and Quebec area on 2015. I’m not so good at remembering the places, but I’m totally accurate with my years!

We stayed at a guest house that was walking distance from town. We explored the area and did quite a bit of walking. We went to a nature museum and learned about the arctic, water consumption, and mammals. We ate a lot of food with maple syrup. There was some kind of conversation regarding 10,000 rats… you had to be there.

It’s always nice to get together with the family. It’s been a stressful few weeks and this vacation was much needed for me. I love Canada because it has the beauty of American landscape along with the historical buildings you don’t see in the USA. And it’s true, people are so much friendlier there!


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