30-day challenges

Day 29: What words/beliefs do you want to live by?

There’s a strong belief I try to follow… it’s that everything is love… and any pain we feel is only an illusion. At times it can be very challenging for me to believe this, but it’s something I’ve always felt in my heart. And it is a very healing thought. We are conditioned to believe that we live in a world of separation and our senses deceive us. But we are all one… we all came from the same atom and we all experience the same exact universal emotions and conditions. It just all seems to be happening at different times and places, but time & space is an illusion… no amount of time or space can make you stop loving someone because there was no actual separation in your hearts. After someone dies, we can still feel them. We can know how a stranger feels just by seeing them and feeling their energy. When you hurt someone, you are hurting yourself… when you’re mad at someone, you’re much angrier at yourself… when you heal someone, you heal yourself… when make someone happy, you make yourself happy. Things we do to hurt one another, whether conscious or not, comes from our deep-rooted fear that we’re alone. All those times you thought your life was ruined, or that no one cared, it was all an illusion. Clear away that fog of fear and you find truth, which is love.


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