30-day challenges

Day 28: Who are your role-models?

Growing up, I always looked up to my older sister Julia and my older cousin Priscilla. It was meaningful to have female figures who’s footsteps I could safely follow. I could see where my life would be going by looking up to them: watching them survive middle school and high school, learning how to drive, going away to college, all those little things I would have to do someday. It was assuring to know that they could handle it all with flying colors, and if I was ever struggling I could get their advice. All of the females in my life are role-models to me, especially those who are older than me. With all of the sexism in our world, I think it’s so important for young girls to have women in their life who prove that stereotypes can be broken and that you don’t actually need a man to get things done. I know men face different pressures that they have to deal with, but personally I gain most inspiration from women who are older than me and have accomplished so much.


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