Halloween Recipe: Irish Griddle Cakes

Happy Halloween to everyone! The Irish have a tradition of making griddle cakes on the mornings of Samhain and All Soul’s Day. These special pancakes are super thick and fluffy. They are fairly easy to make and only require a few amount of ingredients. Ingredients: 2 cups flour 3/4 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp saltContinue reading “Halloween Recipe: Irish Griddle Cakes”


I really like to be alone. Just like everyone else, I get lonely and I crave spending time with people here and there. But I also crave spending time by myself. I’ve always had a very strong sense of imagination and creativity, enough to keep me entertained by my own mind. When I focus onContinue reading “Loner”

Halloween Recipe: Soul Cakes

Soul Cakes are small round cakes (more like cookies) that were traditionally used in medieval England on Halloween. The poor would go door-to-door that night and seek food, money, or prayers from the wealthy, and in return the poor would offer their own prayers. Often, people would hand out soul cakes to the poor. SoulContinue reading “Halloween Recipe: Soul Cakes”

Pole party & ghost hunting! (Happy b-day, LSG!)

One of my best friends Laura Sofia recently celebrated her 24th birthday. Congratulations on your 24th orbit around the sun, girl! I visited her for the weekend and had a great time as always. She threw a “pole party” for a bunch of her friends. This girl is an extremely dedicated pole dancer, which isContinue reading “Pole party & ghost hunting! (Happy b-day, LSG!)”

A balance of freedom

Freedom is important. But do we actually want to be free? We like to feel like we belong to certain people, places, and even situations. It gives us purpose, makes us feel needed. But then that sense of belonging can start to feel heavy on our shoulders. So much burden, so much responsibility, so muchContinue reading “A balance of freedom”

ALBUM REVIEW: Generation Rx by Good Charlotte

I have always been really in love with Good Charlotte since they first started making music. In 2010 they released one of my favorite albums, Cardiology, and I also saw them in concert that year at Bamboozle Roadshow, and I MET JOEL MADDEN! But I met him through a fence so I couldn’t get a pictureContinue reading “ALBUM REVIEW: Generation Rx by Good Charlotte”

I finally tried oil pulling

“Oil pulling” sounds like something that would be really painful and gross. But it’s not at all! It’s ~natural~ and it’s ~trendy~ so why did it take me so long to finally try it? Probably because the name is really offputting. But I’m here to shut down the rumors and tell you that oil pullingContinue reading “I finally tried oil pulling”