A balance of freedom

Freedom is important. But do we actually want to be free? We like to feel like we belong to certain people, places, and even situations. It gives us purpose, makes us feel needed. But then that sense of belonging can start to feel heavy on our shoulders. So much burden, so much responsibility, so much blame. And yet, we still need others to rely on us, because we also have to rely on them. You can’t be totally free if you want to survive the material world. A little bit of weight is healthy because it strengthens you; and still, too much weight will bring you down.

And so we live in this illusion that we belong to others. It makes us feel safe. But I wonder… what would happen if we let go a little bit…? What if you leave connections on faith instead of fear? Many friends I have today are people I used to really stress over when I felt like they were about to leave my life, just because maybe they were hanging out with somebody else more, or even just having a bad day. But I used to be really hypocritical and get angry when I felt like someone was being possessive.

Ultimately we are on our own, which is good and bad. We are free, which is good and bad. And the chains that bind us to one another, they are also both good and bad. So it’s a balance. It’s necessary for people to have other people they are bound to, for survival purposes and also for a spiritual comfort. And it’s also necessary to explore and grow on your own journey. Don’t let either side get in the way of your happiness, it’s all about balance.


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