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Pole party & ghost hunting! (Happy b-day, LSG!)

One of my best friends Laura Sofia recently celebrated her 24th birthday. Congratulations on your 24th orbit around the sun, girl! I visited her for the weekend and had a great time as always. She threw a “pole party” for a bunch of her friends. This girl is an extremely dedicated pole dancer, which is an art that should be respected and never exploited; it takes a lot of strength and focus and bravery to master the pole! She has learned some crazy tricks like spinning around upside down. So the party was held at the fitness factory and the instructor taught us some moves and routines, and there was also snacks and beer for us. It was a great time!

And then the next day a group of us went back to King’s Park to once again explore the abandoned psychiatric facility. Apparently one of the buildings we were in had a ghost because one girl saw a figure and it really freaked her out. I also heard some whistling at some point. Freaky!


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