ALBUM REVIEW: Generation Rx by Good Charlotte

I have always been really in love with Good Charlotte since they first started making music. In 2010 they released one of my favorite albums, Cardiology, and I also saw them in concert that year at Bamboozle Roadshow, and I MET JOEL MADDEN! But I met him through a fence so I couldn’t get a picture with him, so I panicked and gave him my camera to sign, but his autograph rubbed off like a few months later. I mean, at least that lasted longer than if he signed my arm. Anyway, I am really happy that they made new music. And it wasn’t disappointing.

Generation Rx: (are we divine? are we alone?) It begins with a slow and anticipating prelude. It’s not quite a full song, but almost… leaves you wanting more… gears you up for the rest of the album. Perfect blend into the next song, Self Help (when no one cared about me, dreams were all I had). Sounds like a perfect blend between their old sound and newer sound. Really catchy and also really deep at the same time. Shadowboxer is about fighting against yourself. (all this hate will burn your life down). Actual Pain (how could I let love lead the way, when I don’t know where I’m going) and Prayers (we’re so far away from one another, we keep building walls between each other) are probably my favorite songs on the album. Cold Song is slower but picks up and gets heavier as it goes on (life’s funny, it’s a game we play and you know we run). Leeches features Sam Carter, who I’m not too familiar with but it’s a perfect collaboration (maybe it’s obvious, we were born to be in hell)Better Demons is haunting in the best way possible . Finally it ends with California (The Way I Say I Love You) on a positive note; just forget the ones who let you go, forget the ones too scared to know you.


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