Family · Holidays


Today I’m back in NY for Thanksgiving. It was mom, dad, Julia, and Scott. We had a nice and relaxing day. Good to see family again.

I was the family bartender again. I made our traditional apple cider mimosas with cinnamon sugar rims.

Venus was especially ecstatic to be in a big house again and have more space to run around.

Thankful for many things and many people! As the days become shorter and colder, it’s easy to fall down in the dumps. It is vital to make an effort to keep a positive attitude which is done by keeping a grateful heart. This recent snowstorm — seeing all these cars getting into accidents reminded me that people underestimate the force of nature. Many people believe that they are “above” nature, that they can control the universe. Sometimes you just have to surrender to the universe. As long as you keep a grateful heart then there’s nothing to worry about.


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