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Occasionally, I like to go out on the weekend. Maybe go into Philly or travel to another state, usually for concerts. The only bars I really like are the ones with live music and dancing. But I actually try not to drink too much — to save it for special occasions here and there — to not make a habit of it. A lot of my time is spent staying in to find some peace and quiet. I need time to unplug and recharge or else I will burn out easily. I like to do a lot of thinking. Mainly when I stay in, I like to either read books or look up new books to buy. I am a huge bookworm but my problem is that once I start a book it’s always difficult for me to finish it without getting distracted by another book. My preferred genre is non-fiction, although I can still appreciate a good novel, but most of my collection involves science or history. I also love the hippie-dippy new age-y stuff that I personally classify as non-fiction but I guess some would call it fictitious.

Here are some examples from my collection…

Milk and honey

This is a book of poems, most of them very short. All of the poems together tell a story of heavy past traumas coming to the surface and finding the strength to heal. Some of them are terribly sad and upsetting, some of them are positively lovely. Anyone who can relate to them will find comfort.

Harley Quinn: Volume 1 – Hot in the City

This happens to be the first and only comic book I have ever owned. I think I would have enjoyed comic books more in my earlier years if they were not all completely tailored for boys. Now comic books are becoming more inclusive and finally focusing more on the kickass female characters. This story follows sexy super villain Harley Quinn through Brooklyn, NY and… I don’t wanna give any spoilers, so I’ll just say it’s both action-packed and hysterical, and I definitely plan on getting the next volumes. Also totally interested in reading about Poison Ivy’s story.

A Street Cat Named Bob

You know that when I saw a book with a cat’s face on the cover, I just had to get it! (And this hippie-looking dude holding the cat on the back cover…) I have only started this book, but so far it is a very precious story. A stray cat walks into an aspiring musician’s life, and things will never be the same… a love story for the ages…

Paradise in Plain Sight: Lessons from a Zen Garden

This is a great book to read for whenever you are feeling anxious. Author Karen Maezen Miller moves into a new home with a century-old Japanese garden, and looks to the garden for insight and introspection. The garden carries so many metaphors for life lessons. It is such a peaceful book, something to read on a rainy Sunday morning with a cup of hot tea.

The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide

I can’t believe I found this gem at a dollar store! This treasure contains natural remedies for practically anything that gives you anxiety: traffic jams, waiting, giving bad news, physical ailments (such as hangover, bloating, PMS, insomnia, and muscle soreness), negative emotions (such as anger, guilt, forgetfulness, indecision, crankiness, or feeling stuck in a rut), moving homes, or losing a loved one. Remedies typically involve some sort of exercise, or breathing pattern, or simple recipe.

Animal Wise: The Thoughts and Emotions of Our Fellow Creatures

This is an animal behavior book, each chapter discussing the intelligent and unique traits of different species. It shows how animal behavior research has proven that all animals, even “lesser” species, have full cognitive functions that for a long time were only seen as exclusive to human beings. They have memories, feel emotions, and want to be loved just like us.

Food of The Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge

Author Terence McKenna was a very, very interesting man with a lot of very, very interesting things to say. He has countless speeches and essays that will really screw with your perception. In this book, he proposes that the psychedelic plants are the missing link in human evolution — that they are the reason for the sudden growth of consciousness. He discusses the ancient practice of entheogen use in shamanic societies. Our current modern society is hooked on caffeine, sugar, and synthetic street drugs — substances that are draining us and killing many. If our society instead turned to substances that are designed to heal us when used properly, we could experience that deep healing we truly need.

The Mysteries of Isis: Her Worship and Magick

Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess, worshipped by many for over 6,000 years. The story of Isis, Osiris, & Horus is the most famous Egyptian myth. There are many links between Isis / Horus and the Christian story of Virgin Mary / Jesus Christ. In Greco-Roman mythology, Isis is linked to Venus or Aphrodite. She is goddess of love, fertility, nature, healing, justice… basically everything. I’m really interested in her history and all of the occult mysteries surrounding her.

Goddess Aloud! Transforming Your World Through Rituals & Mantras

This book explores several ancient mythical goddesses, their stories, and how to draw inspiration from them in order to empower your life and find your voice. Goddesses include Pax the Roman goddess of peace, Isis the Egyptian goddess of magic and motherhood, Venus the Roman goddess of love, Mary Magdalene the Christian sacred prostitute, Sunna the Norse light-bringer of hope, and so on. This is especially empowering for women, seeing how the feminine energy has influenced humankind since the dawn of man.

To be continued…


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