30-day challenges

Day 9: post some words of wisdom that speak to you

This is a quote from Jac Vanek, a creative fashion designer. For me, this quote is about shaping your life through your own personal perception. Our lives are enriched through books, music, films, and the people and environment that surrounds us. It is easy to forget how much these little things shape us, and how much control we actually have over it.

Don’t just turn on the TV and flip through the channels mindlessly; put on a show that makes you think, watch something that will influence your life for the better. Read a book containing unique characters and situations that truly inspire you. Everything you do, every choice you make, declares the direction of your path. Do not live your life on autopilot. Never stop dreaming and exploring. Inspiration is out there, waiting for you to find it.

The power is in your hands — do you want your world to be a comedy, a romance, or a thriller? Is your world action-filled with superheroes and villains? Or is your world more like a poem on a rainy day? Perhaps it is a vintage world you live in, like a classic novel or a black-and-white Polaroid. Or maybe you live in the future, devoting yourself to technological progress. It’s possible you live in the gothic Victorian era, preferring to dress as black as your heart. Another possibility is that you live in the hippie era and you see everything in technicolor.

Which era do you live in? What colors do you see? How is your perception filtered? Through simple choices, and through the little things that enrich your life, you have the power to change your world. Live it truest to yourself — not through others. Perception is a highly personal thing. Be yourself!


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