30-day challenges

Day 8: share something you struggle with

We all have struggles. I have written before about my lifelong struggle with anxiety. And there are so many other things I struggle with on a daily basis. Every day is a battle.

Another great struggle with mine is dealing with my feelings. We live in a world that forces us to hide from our feelings if we want to survive. But mine are so strong that people don’t understand I can’t simply just control them.

I’m lucky when I find people who can deal with the intensity of my feelings. But of course most people can’t. And I say things or do things I shouldn’t have.

I try to be mature and draw a boundary when I’m feeling so out of control but nobody understands. They think I’m being manipulative or reckless. They don’t understand.

So that’s why I have a blog and other outlets for me to express myself in a safe and healthy way. I now realize how important that is. Instead of stuffing my feelings until they explode, I try to release them in a way that is more controlled, thus avoiding unnecessary damage. I try, which I think is what matters most. Obviously I have to work on trying harder.


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