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One day at a time

It’s okay to take it one day at a time. It’s okay to completely drop your vision of the future that you held for so long, and trade it in for an open mind with no expectations. Life is full of pain no matter what steps you take, so your choices in life should notContinue reading “One day at a time”

Beauty of pain & freedom of choice

I see the beauty in everything. To romanticize pain is not necessarily an unhealthy thing. Seeking inspiration from a draining situation is possibly the best way we can cope with our troubles. The beauty of pain is that it motivates us to make changes that are scary because they force us out of our comfortContinue reading “Beauty of pain & freedom of choice”

Rock bottom

Just because you are missing a person does not necessary mean they are meant to be in your life. This is something hard for me to understand, but I think I’m finally reaching the point where I’m getting it. Sometimes people are not capable of understanding and forgiving your actions and you simply have toContinue reading “Rock bottom”

Winter Retreat at Woodloch

This week, I went on vacation with my sister to the Woodloch Pines resort in PA. It was a lot of fun and also very relaxing. I have been here on many family vacations during my childhood, also came once with my friend Mary, then another time with a group of friends for my sweetContinue reading “Winter Retreat at Woodloch”

Day 30: your highs and lows for the month

Highs Completed my 30-day writing challenge in a month. Got to see friends and catch up with old ones. Some positive changes at work. Better luck with money, bought myself some nice things. Wrote a lot when I was feeling inspired. Re-found obsession with hot apple cider. Purchased Electric Zoo tickets for summer. Looking forwardContinue reading “Day 30: your highs and lows for the month”