What is fear

Fear is such a crazy thing because it can have so much control over a person. It holds us back from so many things we want to do or say. It is the greatest obstacle. When you finally push yourself to do something but the fear is still there, it will turn into disaster. If you do something fearlessly then you have to follow that through all the way. Or else fear will tug you back to the starting line. When pushing through fear there is no room for doubts. Doubts come in and sabatoge everything.

What is fear… what does it look like? Sound like? Feel like? Smell like? Taste like? How can something concealed be so prevalent?

Fear is not real, it is the absence of love… just like how darkness is not real, it is the absence of light…

Sometimes when you want something so badly, the natural defense mechanism is to convince yourself that you can’t (it’s impossible…) — by making excuses, lying to yourself, forgetting how much control you really do have over your life. This is self-dabatoging. Every decision made or action taken should come from hope and not fear. Fear “protects” you from short-term pain but not in the long run. By protecting ourselves in our comfort zones, we are actually hurting ourselves by missing out on incredible opportunities.

So I wonder, what is fear. It is an entity who offers comfort, encourages me to run away, and tells me to take the easy way out. It locks me in a cage and tells me to fall asleep and keep my dreams in my head.

And then hope wakes me up and opens my eyes. It dispels all limits and illuminates the truth. It lets me follow my heart.


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