30-day challenges

Day 30: your highs and lows for the month


  • Completed my 30-day writing challenge in a month.
  • Got to see friends and catch up with old ones.
  • Some positive changes at work.
  • Better luck with money, bought myself some nice things.
  • Wrote a lot when I was feeling inspired.
  • Re-found obsession with hot apple cider.
  • Purchased Electric Zoo tickets for summer.
  • Looking forward to my upcoming vacation this week, planning ahead for it.
  • Some exciting moments.


  • A lot of drama.
  • Panic attacks & breakdowns.
  • Stomach aches.
  • Lost credit card, almost lost my debit too.
  • Had to say goodbye to an awesome co-worker and I miss her a lot.
  • Feeling extra tired from the long winter.
  • Got a flat tire. Spent money on air pump, then found out it was a slow leak, had to get it professionally fixed.
  • Some painful moments.

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