Tentative Nature

Peace of mind has always seemed so vital to me

Yet this fixation is what causes so much anxiety

My disgust towards flawlessness is a direct reflection

of a deep-rooted and unconscious need for perfection

Constantly fearing that you will make a mistake

is the biggest mistake that anyone could ever make

A world full of choices, cannot decide which one to take

Overthinking and only focusing on what’s at stake

Instead, I should turn my attention to what I could gain

Incomprehensible opportunities are calling my name

The universe supports us when we follow our heart

It is not a loss — when you must go back to the start

Taking a leap while keeping one foot on the ground

really knocked me out and tumbled me around

It’s extremely dangerous, how cautious I can be

What makes me so reckless is my viligant personality

Such a tentative nature results in constant apprehension

avoiding precarious paths leads to total lack of direction

I have made choices that put me through Hell, hurt me so bad

but they are not regrets, I’m actually so thankful that I had

because they also put me through Heaven, life is a paradox

pleasure and pain are one in the same; nothing is gained if nothing is lost

when the sun finally sets on my life and my living days are done

the only regrets I will actually have, were the things that made me feel numb.


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