Express your truth

It’s good to express yourself, because we’ve been taught to suppress everything we feel. You can’t expect someone to read your mind, otherwise they will never know and make false assumptions, and a situation will never change. Many people do not like it when someone expresses themselves in a negative way, because many people are not open to examining their own behavior or willing to better themselves.

Any type of communication whether that be through words or body language or anything else, is going to be slightly distorted due to each person’s own unique perception that has been built through a lifetime of unique experiences. Everything you put out there should be as clear and direct as possible.

The reason why we have been taught to suppress how we feel (either positive or negative) is because it causes an uncomfortable shift in yourself that you can only handle if you are open enough to accept a change of perspective. You have to be accepting of the fact that you are not always right, you have a lot of room for growth, and your belief system is flawed. If you cannot do these things then you will dismiss someone’s feelings, call them invalid, therefore diminish their sense of worth as a human being.

I expect genuineness from others, so if someone is being fake with me then that is going to lead to more chaos and confusion. I would never say someone is overreacting or being oversensitive because I understand how it is to feel things deeply and I also understand that truth is more constructive than being fake. I’m always trying to learn and seek clarity. It’s important we are all honest with each other and you can never take away someone’s truth, whether you like it or not.


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