Personal updates

Weekly schedule

I’m going to be trying something new with my blog, something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’m going to put myself on a schedule to inspire myself to write every day, even when writer’s block tries to stop me. I have a theme for each day. My goal is to write every single day because it uplifts me and hopefully also can inspire others. Here and there I will still have my random posts. So at least once a day is the goal, if not more!

Here is the draft schedule… (subject to change):

Mystery Monday: investigation and research pieces, going to take a topic I have questions about and try to find those answers. Anything from creepy murder mysteries to simple little things.

There’s also Music, or Movie, or Media Monday.

Try it Tuesday: every now and then I write about something new I tried. I’m going to do this every week which may be difficult. I might also write about things I already do that I’d encourage others to try.

Wishful Wednesday: this is about dreams and goals. It can be anything from realistic & doable to absolutely impossible.

Throwback Thursday: nostalgia. Things about the past, whether personal or universal.

Flow Friday: words of wisdom and peaceful inspiration. Writing about things that will raise your consciousness and make you feel connected to the flow of the universe.

Caturday: all things cats!!! (And other furry friends & little critters.)

Self-care Sunday: health, beauty, luxury, and most importantly how to love yourself.

Please, please do not hesitate to give me suggestions, feedback, and constructive criticism!


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