Fashion in the 2010s

As the 2010s come to a close, it’s time to asses the fashion trends this decade brought us. Overall, it was a decade of comfort and consciousness. We waved goodbye to some long-lasting trends while reviving many dead trends, we opened our eyes to how much fashion impacts the environment, and we became more accepting of individuality and diversity.

I am focusing on women’s fashion in particular — however, many of it applies to men as well.

High waisted

In the past few decades, it seemed like pants were getting lower and lower. This finally came to a halt in the 2010s, when high waisted fashion became the new thing. At first, it was all about high-waisted skirts. In 2011, I asked someone who worked at dELia*s where I can find high waisted shorts and she looked at me funny. Now, everything from skirts and shorts, to bathing suits and sleepwear, are high waisted.

Crop top

Perfectly paired with high waisted bottoms, crop tops became just as trendy. Crop tops were actually invented way back in the 40s, gained momentum through the 70s, and kept going strong up into the 90s. But then they seemed to take a dip: shirts got lower, trying to keep up with the low rise pants. “Belly shirts” were the new thing, only revealing skin below the belly button. And now, these days, crop tops are once again fully thriving!


In the late 60s and 70s, jeans were the ultimate feminist statement. Up until then, women were only expected to wear skirts and dresses. Jeans became HUGE, a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe, both men and women. They became timeless — until now. It’s like we suddenly realized how boring, uncomfortable, and overrated they are. Because they lack elasticity, jeans are almost seen as anti-woman now, because they cover up our curves. For us ladies, jeans are no longer a staple, and have been replaced with leggings and stretchy pants. Jeans are still stylish when used creatively: jean jacket, jean skirt, overalls, rompers, jumpers, etc.

Skirts & dresses

After fifty years of unisex rebellion, women are sick of wearing pants. It’s not just jeans, but basically ALL pants. Skirts and dresses made a lovely comeback, now that they are no longer seen as oppressive. Vintage dresses in particular gained popularity. While skirts and dresses used to be strictly reserved for special events, they are now embraced as casual wear.


The decade of 2010s was all about sportswear. It not only became socially acceptable, but almost expected of women, to wear sportswear in public solely due to its comfort. Women who have never once tried yoga are addicted to yoga pants, and women who have never stepped foot in a gym are decked out in sweats, tracksuits, and sneakers. It’s just so cozy!


The 2010s brought us a revival of hippie attire: tie-dye, flip flops, fringe, sunglasses, flower patterns, etc. Recyled / sustainable fashion became a new thing. Hand-me-downs from your siblings, parents, even grandparents, are cool. is full of vintage clothing. Clothing companies are making efforts to produce more ethically in order to gain sales.


The 2010s came with a lot of nostalgia. Many dead trends were brought back to life, and inspiration came from all different previous decades. The internet gave us greater exposure to the past, showing us what people used to wear.


Galaxy became a new and trendy print. Not just for clothing but also accessories such as shoes, bags, and jewelry. All things related to space and aliens became more popular.

Plus size

Plus size fashion became much more accessible in the 2010s. We now see much more diversity and inclusivity when it comes to larger sizes. Plus sized models can wear whatever they want: crop tops, leggings, etc. In fact they can rock a lot of fashion styles better than most.


With every passing decade, it seems like minds become more open when it comes to fashion trends. Everyone is basically expected to do their own thing. The 2010s gave everyone a chance to find their own sense of style.


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