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Winter Playlist

Happy winter solstice!

The first day of winter marks the darkest day of the year. From here on, light will continue to increase. We just experienced autumn, which is the process of dying and letting go. Winter marks the point when everything has completely died; we are at the very start of a new beginning. This is the time to plant seeds and have patience. It’s a period of slowing down, resting, and hibernating. Winter is the reminder that we need hope and faith to get through the dark times, believing that the light is on its way. Our souls have died over the course of autumn and winter solstice is when we are reborn. Rebirth is a precious time: there is so much we would like to conquer this upcoming year, yet we must honor the gentle, steady process of growth. Unlike late summer and fall, we are not witnessing or harvesting the fruit of our labors — instead, we are regathering our strength in order to build something so much greater.

  1. Winter Of Our Youth — Bastille

“I let myself bathe in the past for way, way, way too long.”

Winter has just begun. Time moves us forward, but we are stuck in repeating cycles. Winter is both the end and the beginning, both the wise elder and the innocent newborn. All we can do is wait.

2. Reborn — Xilent


After experiencing the death of the soul in autumn, we are reborn at the start of winter. We have made peace with the past and forgotten it all with forgiveness in our hearts. The sun has reached its weakest point and is now ready to gain strength again.

3. Dark Skies — Brick + Mortar

“I was born to lose.”

Although the light is beginning to increase, the days are still full of mainly darkness. The beginning is a very lonely time because it’s a clean slate. Growth is happening but it’s going to be a long time before we see new life with our own eyes. It’s easy to lose faith when there’s emptiness.

4. Bring Me To Life — Evanescence

“Call my name and save me from the dark.”

Winter is the process of coming alive. But we start in the pitch darkness with absolutely nothing.

5. Start Over — Imagine Dragons

“Cold nights, cold sheets.”

If we don’t embrace a new beginning, we become stuck and lost.

6. Halycon — Ellie Goulding

“It’s gonna be better.”

The word “halycon” refers to peace and tranquility. Winter is a time of quietness and reflection. Everything will get brighter from here.

7. Reload — Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash ft. John Martin

“This is free love, that’s what we are made of.”

Love is what keeps us going and what pushes us forward as we detach ourselves from the past.

8. Awakening — Yellowcard

“Cause with the morning, comes the rest of my life.”

This song is about raising a toast to the future and taking control of your destiny after feeling like you’ve been tossed around.

9. Alive — Empire of the Sun

“Waking in the snow, tracing steps to you.”

This is a very happy and uplifting song!

10. New World — Krewella & Yellow Claw ft. Vava

“We just wanna live.”

Energy is gaining momentum. It’s exciting to think about how much lies ahead.

11. All Over Again — Bryan Kearney & Plumb

“You feel the light on your face, no more darkness, you are home now.”

Life and death are illusions because reality is a series of never-ending cycles. We go through life weaving our way back and forth between darkness and lightness.

12. Girl From The North Country — Bob Dylan

“If you go when the snowflakes storm.”

This is a beautiful song that really captures the frosty feeling of winter. It is a time of solitude and loneliness. We remember what we’ve lost and hope it comes back for us.

13. Sleep in the Snow — Yellowcard

“I was safe in my fortress alone, then you came and tore it all down.”

This song is about really missing someone, and going after them, but feeling like they have left you stranded.

14. Northern Soul — Above & Beyond ft. Richard Bedford

“You can break my heart and crush my dreams, but you can never take my soul.”

Winter is a harsh season that tests our strength. But the coldness only makes us stronger as we persevere.

15. Ice On The Dune — Empire of the Sun

“I know a hidden town, high above the clouds.”

The snow and ice turns everything into a dream world. Everything looks completely different. You can have fun and play with nature.

16. Daydreaming — Paramore

“I wanna get out and build my own home on a street where reality is not much different from dreams I’ve had.”

The harsh weather makes us want to stay inside and hide away from the world. While summer is the time of action, winter is the time of dreaming. We have so many seeds to plant and we won’t see them sprout until spring. It’s time to have fun with your mind.

17. Sleepyhead — Passion Pit

“My beard grew down to the floor and out through the doors.”

Enjoy the introspective nature of winter. Be lazy and cuddly. Stay in bed all day with a cup of hot tea or cocoa.

18. Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast — Capital Cities

“Remind me never to forget my youth.”

By the end of winter, we are feeling quite restless. And yet, nature takes its sweet time. We must surrender to the quiet wisdom of winter, as impatient as we get.

19. Candle (Sick & Tired) — The White Tie Affair

“I took a ride on a February morning.”

The long and dark winter leaves us feeling sick and tired. By February, we are anxious and longing for sunny days. But we are so close to spring now.

20. Bright Lights (Good Times) Part II — Pixie Lott ft. Tinchy Stryder

“Bright lights in the skyline won’t let me lose my way. Cause I know somehow, something’s gonna change.”

Finally, we can feel the light coming towards us. So many changes are coming. All that we hoped for during the lonely days are suddenly appearing in front of our eyes. Faith keeps us alive during hopeless times. Abundance is right around the corner. Just keep on fighting.

21. Lend Me Some Light — Empire of the Sun

“Time has come to cross the lonely.”

Just inches away from spring equinox, when light and dark are at one. We know that lightness is going to win this upcoming battle.

22. Light It Up — OneRepublic

“Acting like your favorite drug, raise a cup, we can light it up.”

Finally, we once again welcome the light.

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15 thoughts on “Winter Playlist

  1. Thanks for the playlist. I checked out about half. Not totally my groove but I really liked it! =D. I miss sharing music with people. I like the winter theme in some of the music videos. Do you have a Spotify account? This is sort of a modern take on Winter, isn’t it? =)

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