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30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (GREEN) day 17: your perception about money?

  • Money is a tricky thing, potentially dangerous and can destroy lives. It can also bring great pleasure, security, and overall positivity. It can make you feel lucky, abundant, fortunate, and powerful. It can also make you feel powerless, weak, left out, defeated, exhausted, absolutely terrified.
  • Those who have more money than others often say condescending things such as “I don’t like to think about money or make it a big deal,” because they have to privilege to do so. Of course no one likes to take the time counting dollars, reading price tags, checking your bank account, doing math, etc. but many people literally cannot afford to not worry about money.
  • Money is an ethical dilemma.
  • Money was created by humans but morphed into a biological survival tool just as important as hunger and sleep.
  • Society has a very extreme relationship with money as a whole. People worship it and demonize it at the same time, so there’s all this guilt.
  • I genuinely do not believe money can buy happiness. The argument is that money can buy you things that make you temporarily happy which is better than nothing, but this is very dangerous as it leads to a viscous cycle of avoiding internal feelings with external distractions.
  • At one point I used to always say we would be so much better off without money and we should just get rid of it, and maybe that’s true and possible in some other world, but now I just feel like money can still be a great thing if we can shift our perception and see it as more of a tool rather than pleasure. I don’t think that mindset is possible in a consumer-based society, though.
  • I see a lot of problems with a consumer-based society, some including the damage to the environment, as well as psychological issues, and suppression of our souls, just to name a few.
  • Screw it, let’s just get rid of money!!!
  • New Age thought argues that we should not see money as evil, that we need to banish our guilt surrounding money, and if you truly believe that money is a good thing then you will get rich. Personally I see some truth to this but also disagree to a point. It’s just not that simple.
  • I like to buy things sometimes. I like to go on shopping sprees. I like gifts and stuff. I’m not above money or anything. It can be a great thing, totally.
  • So yeah. Those are my thoughts. All of our lives revolve around money, it’s very powerful and intense. It’s kind of a scary thought but no one should exploit their privilege to avoid that fact. It can be really good or really bad. We’re all obsessed. It connects us and separates us at the same time. That’s life in a consumer-based society. No doubt I am insanely curious about a life without money. I almost can’t even imagine.
  • I also had no idea I would end up writing this much. I was thinking like a short paragraph. Oh well.


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