30-day challenges

30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (PURPLE) day 29: any strange/recurring dreams?

  • Lately, I’ve been having a lot of dreams involving travel. Usually with airplanes. This means I’m going through a big transition in my life. There’s always something wrong with the plans which represents my anxiety.
  • I’ve been having a lot of dreams about being at work, which is annoying because I’m not getting paid!
  • On August 1, I wrote down a vivid dream I had about a group of people and I renting a house for new years 2020. At the end of the night, everyone falls asleep, so I go out to bar to get a drink and there’s a bunch of other girls there. Then the sky and moon looked so crazy and incredible, flashing all these colors, looking like aliens are coming down from the sky, and then I woke up. It was really intense!
  • I had A LOT of nightmares as a child.
  • As a child (mainly kindergarten) I had this recurring nightmare that the school is on fire. This was really scary for me because I used to actually LOVE going to school!!! I loved being in class, taking tests, seeing my friends. And then once I got the 5th grade I absolutely HATED school and so I would have loved to see it go up in flames.
  • Every now and then I STILL have the same dream that it’s the first day of school and I don’t know what my schedule is or which classes I have, and sometimes I’m also naked!

2 thoughts on “30-day challenge ~ WRITING RAINBOW (PURPLE) day 29: any strange/recurring dreams?

  1. I have a recurring dream that I’m in a parking lot, or on my old college campus with multiple lots, and I cannot find my car. I look and look, but it’s nowhere to be found. It may not sound terrible, but it’s incredibly anxiety-provoking.

    Ah, and I know what you mean about dreams with beautiful, intense views of the sky. I’ve had dreams with astonishing planetary vistas, indescribably gorgeous star systems, and even stargazing from Earth and seeing a sky full of billions of stars. I think that’s partially because I can’t see a damn thing in the sky here in New York, so when I’m visiting someplace rural and I really get to see stars, it’s a special thing for me.

    Dreams are weird…

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    1. Oooo, thank you so much for sharing, very interesting!! 😊 yeah, anxiety is definitely behind those types of dreams where you’re just totally lost. Those kind of dreams are so stressful. And yes, on the contrary, dreams about the sky are so amazing. Especially when you’re close to the city, you get to see maybe a couple stars at night if you’re lucky…

      Dreams are one of life’s greatest mysteries, for sure!!!


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