Pick a side ~ Trust your heart over your mind

Your feelings will tell you so much more than your mind ever will.

If you can stop overthinking for a moment and just push yourself forward, you will go VERY FAR!

The mind is changeable — so easily affected by environmental circumstances.

You can feel cranky just because you haven’t eaten in a while, or the weather is humid, or someone is complaining. Little triggers can change your whole mindset.

But your deepest, innermost feelings are strong. They know what they want. Their decision is already made.

No one and nothing can get in the way of your feelings. They are unstoppable, unshakable, unable to be manipulated.

Your mind will find reasons to worry. It comes up with irrational fears and blows them up.

Your mind seeks out excuses to go back and forth. It’s always thinking the grass is greener on the other side, because it falls for illusions.

However, your feelings go beyond illusions, beyond the surface, beyond trickery. They are what they are. And that is: truth.

So, you can listen to your thoughts — but never let your thoughts take control of you.

You don’t even know where your thoughts are coming from, who or what they were triggered by.

Most of our thoughts are not even our own. They are outside influences.

People are so easily manipulated — by the media, the TV, the news, corporations, money, power, lust, authority, celebrities, insecurities, negativity, drugs, food, environmental conditions, social status, their peers, etc., the list goes on… — only when they are slaves to their thoughts.

Feelings can be trusted. They know things that the mind cannot even comprehend.

So, just…

Turn off your thoughts for a bit, or at least lower the volume…

and do what feels right.


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