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Throwback Thursday ~ Fasha, the cat

Fasha was my father’s cat who he adopted in the 80s and she lived to be about 21 years old before being put down in 2002.

I loved her so much! I was always “hanging out” with her as a child. I would dress her up like a doll (like in the photo) and she tolerated it (as you can tell by her can-you-believe-I-deal-with-this expression.)

When I was only about one or two years old, I was petting Fascia and she scratched me (as cranky cats do) and my mom freaked out thinking I was going to start crying — no, apparently I punched her in the nose and then she ran away.

As a little baby I used to always say “bye-low” and run around the house calling “bye-low” and my parents had no idea what it meant. Then when I was around 3 or 4-years old, we were taking a family photoshoot and the photographer was trying to get me to smile so she said “what’s your cat’s name?” And I yelled, “bye-low!” and my parents were like, “OHHH!”

That’s how they learned what “bye-low” meant. To this day, it’s a mystery as to why I called her that. But that was my name for her.

My family says that Venus reminds them of Fasha, in her youth. Not only do they look alike but also have similar personalities. Maybe a reincarnation. (But Fascia was a bit more sassy!)


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