Dream divination | meanings and interpretations

Dreams are very mysterious, and no one has quite figured out for sure why we have them. It has been said that dreams can provide insight on hidden messages. Here are some interpretations of common dreams… Importance of dream recall We all have many, many dreams every single night. Just because you don’t remember, doesn’tContinue reading “Dream divination | meanings and interpretations”

Top Eight Starseed Tribes

I have mentioned the 22 different Starseeds in a previous post, but now I am going to zone in on the eight most commonly known. *Please use your imagination and have fun with this.* 1. Pleiadeans Pleiadeans come from a seven-sister star cluster in the eye of the Taurus bull, located 444 light years away.Continue reading “Top Eight Starseed Tribes”

Thirteen things I learned from my palmistry class

So, I have officially completed my six-week introductory palmistry class with Mack and the Zodiac! It was an online class over Zoom which was held live once a week. And then this spring, I will be taking her second-level class! I’d like to share some interesting core lessons I’ve learned… 1. Palmistry is not strictlyContinue reading “Thirteen things I learned from my palmistry class”

When faith returns

I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately, looking at old journals and blog posts, overall just looking back. I have realized how much I go back and forth with spirituality. I go through phases where I am feeling extremely spiritual, followed by phases of feeling so far removed from spirituality, etc. Most especially,Continue reading “When faith returns”

How to make your daily life a little more witchy

I am not referring to the aesthetic, but the actual mindset and practice — of making your daily life a little more witchy. What this means is, making a habit out of purpose and intent. The act of witchcraft is not as otherworldly or supernatural as we make it out to be — it’s actuallyContinue reading “How to make your daily life a little more witchy”

Book review: “Find Your Twin Flame” by Leslie Sampson

This was an online impulse buy on Black Friday. While much of it was information I was already familiar with, along with some clichés, I have to say that it was also partially unexpected and maybe even life-changing. It’s not what it seems. This is not a book written by a dating coach, or aContinue reading “Book review: “Find Your Twin Flame” by Leslie Sampson”

The Soul’s Journey (and role of Starseeds)

Disclaimer: the following comes from my own intuition and imagination. It is not factual. Please read with an open mind. In the beginning It all began with Source — pure energy that we call as “God” or “Spirit.” It was the Light. It was One. From Source, came little fragments called “souls.” Splitting away fromContinue reading “The Soul’s Journey (and role of Starseeds)”

I had an astrology consultation with Mack and the Zodiac

I had an astrology consultation with “Mack and the Zodiac” a few days ago. It was a “solar return reading” that I purchased for my birthday. The solar return looks at all of the trends that are coming for me in the next year. We had a zoom meeting where she explained everything to me,Continue reading “I had an astrology consultation with Mack and the Zodiac”

Twin flame vs Soulmate vs Karmic

I’m going to describe the basic meanings behind these elusive terms some people, usually from the New Age community, toss around — twin flame, soulmate, and karmic. While definitions vary slightly behind each word, because they are all simply theories, this is what I’ve mainly gathered… First, all of these concepts relate back to theContinue reading “Twin flame vs Soulmate vs Karmic”

Love is green

Did you know that the color of love is not red — it’s GREEN! …? According to spiritual healers, the color of true love is actually not the bold red we commonly mistake it for, it is green! The body holds seven chakras, going from root to crown, from tailbone to above the head, throughContinue reading “Love is green”