Music Monday ~ Britney Spears re-releases “Glory” album with new track “Mood Ring”

This past weekend, after four painful years of silence, Britney Spears blessed her fans with new music by releasing new track “Mood Ring.” Previously, this song was exclusively available to her Japanese fans on the deluxe version of her most recent album, 2016’s “Glory.” The album was re-released on Friday worldwide to include this new song which has already peaked #1 on iTunes.

All fans agree that “Mood Ring” is the best track on the album and should have been included to begin with. Producer of the song, DJ Mustard, teased a snippet of it in a tweet. #JusticeForGlory became trending on Twitter and left Britney’s team with no choice but to let us hear it.

With the re-release came a brand new album cover as well! I am MUCH more pleased with this one! Britney not only looks gorgeous, but actively displays her fierce passion with a breathtaking scenic desert background. This updated album cover is far more impressive and representative of her music.

Above, is the original album cover for “Glory.” Britney looks completely unrecognizable here. The photo is uncreative and the editing is lazy. It’s very displeasing.

So, I decided I would give a review!

Just like her prior albums, “Glory” brings confidence, motivation, and ambition to go after your dreams and follow your heart. The tracks on these albums are incredibly dreamy and put you in a haze, while somehow simultaneously energizing you and pumping you up. It makes you wanna dance but it also makes you wanna fall in love. And there’s a sprinkle of jazz which is something new.

1. “Invitation” (5/5 stars)

“Yes or no, but no maybes.”

A very sultry and dreamy song. It’s a great opening. An invitation to know one another better.

2. “Make Me…” ft. G-Eazy (4/5 stars)

I just want you to make me move. Like it ain’t a choice for you, like you got a job to do

Another sultry track but the tempo picks up a bit more. G-Eazy does a good rap feature.

3. Private Show (5/5 stars)

“Watch me strike a pose, feel my heat”

This song really picks up the pace and brings stronger and faster energy. It’s very jazzy.

4. Man On The Moon (5/5 stars)

“Patience, darling, wait for the night. Darkness comes and love comes alive.”

This is another very dreamy one. It’s about waiting for someone who feels so far away from you. I love the theme of space.

5. Just Luv Me (5/5 stars)

“I’ma keep it simple, real simple.”

The message is straightforward — just love me. This song is slow, soothing, and calming. It feels trance-y.

6. Clumsy (3/5)

“Call me a fool, call me insane, But don’t call it a day”

This also has a jazzy vibe like “Private Show.” But it’s a lot more electronic and heavily produced.

7. Do You Wanna Come Over? (5/5)

“Nobody should be alone if they don’t have to be”

This song is exciting and has a lot of strong energy. Also features guitar. It’s like she took Christina Aguilera’s “Come on Over” and made it a lot more intense.

8. Slumber Party (3/5 stars)

“Go crazy”

Although it doesn’t fully stand out, this song is cute. The dreaminess is getting higher. Makes me think of bubbles.

9. Just Like Me (3/5 stars)

“And I just can’t believe…”

Acoustic introduction. This one is kind of funny. “I can’t believe she looks just like me,” she notices about a flame’s new love.

10. Love Me Down (4/5 stars)

“You say we don’t talk anymore but, I’m thinking we talk too much. Whenever we speak we fight so, Come talk to me with your touch.”

A super sensual song about chemistry. It has more of a trap / hiphop beat to it.

11. Hard To Forget Ya (4/5 stars)

A lifetime just won’t be enough, I need more, more, more…”

I really like the melody of this, especially the verses before the chorus. But the transitions are choppy and could be a little smoother. Still good though.

12. What You Need (4/5 stars)

“Bringing out the fire inside of me.”

This song is strong, powerful, and a good way to wrap up the album. More jazzy vibes. It’s stripped down and far less electronic than the others.

13. Mood Ring (By Demand) (6/5 stars)

“You change me.”

Love it! Definitely my favorite song! It’s hazy and dreamlike. It’s about being moody and having a long spectrum of emotions that may drive others away, but you find someone who understands you inside and out.


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