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Try-it Tuesday ~ oat milk

Oat milk is a great alternative to dairy milk. Whether you have a dairy sensitivity, a dietary restriction, or you’re just sick of plain old cow’s milk, there’s many other things you can try.

There’s soy milk — but soy is a controversial ingredient that may affect estrogen levels. There’s almond milk — but it tastes pretty bland. There’s coconut milk — which is hard to find. And there’s rice milk — which I don’t know too much about.

Oat milk is currently the trendiest diary alternative, making it easy to find at any local grocery store. It comes in original, vanilla, chocolate, and extra creamy. After years of soy and almond gaining popularity, oat milk is taking their place, as everyone seems to be talking about it right now. So I had to give it a try.

I decided to enjoy my oat milk with some special K strawberry cereal! Yum!

Final results: I was shocked by how tasty oat milk is! Like all dairy alternatives, the texture is not as thick (should’ve gone for the extra creamy!) However, the taste was stronger than any other nondairy milk I’ve ever tried. And it tasted DELICIOUS — like oatmeal! I usually pour my remaining cereal milk down the drain, but this time I actually drank it! Less food waste!

So I would highly recommend oat milk. Now I understand the hype. This is definitely my new milk of choice.


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