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Wish Wednesday ~ consistency is key

If you ever want a wish to come true, then you have to be consistent.

Tell the universe what you want with clarity and confidence.

You can’t give the universe mixed signals, or else you will never get what you truly want. Sending mixed emotions and unstable energy out into the world will bring that chaos right back to you.

Habits are very powerful — they can be extremely positive or extremely negative. And naturally, we are creatures of habit. So channel them positively.

Unhealthy habits such as smoking cigarettes, constantly checking your phone, complaining, staying up too late, etc. are extremely difficult to break, and that’s why you continue to engage in them.

On the flip side, positive habits are also just as hard to break — except you don’t want to ever break them! Eating more fruits and vegetables, cleaning often, watering your plants and feeding your pets — it becomes second nature that you don’t have to think twice about.

If you want more health, happiness, and abundance in your life… then make it a habit.

If you ever want to see big changes, you have to start with the little stuff. That means taking it day by day.

Each day is a building block towards your future. A single day may not seem like much, but the days add up overtime, thus building a castle.

Every morning you wake up to a new brick in your hands. You can put it towards something, or you can throw it away. You can put it towards one single dream every day, or you can put it towards multiple dreams in several different piles. Now a year from now, think about your castle — will it be one big, completed castle? Or will it be messy piles of bricks scattered all over the field?

The answer to that question all depends on what you do with each day. Of course there will be days when life throws you completely off track and you can’t seem to place your brick anywhere. But let 90% of your days… or your “bricks…” be put to use.

The main reason we give up is because we overwhelm ourselves with such high expectations. We feel like we have to build an entire castle in one day. But that’s impossible — a setup for failure.

So you take it one day at a time. And don’t let those days go to waste. Maybe a few bad days here and there, but that’s all. Let most of your days be filled with purpose and intent.

Don’t focus too hard on the future. Feel the present moment and embrace it.

Having a routine and adding more predictability into your life creates a sturdy foundation for you to confidently manifest your dreams.

Another thing about building steady habits is that the consistency will bring you more security. Life itself is so insanely unpredictable, yet your healthy daily habits can keep you grounded. Having a routine brings peace because it adds a bit more predictability to your life — not in a boring way, but in a way that brings more stability, thus more confidence and faith. (Life could never be boring — if you think so then open your eyes!)

Doing everything impulsively and on a whim not only holds you back from building a sturdy foundation towards a goal, but also leaves you feeling frazzled and insecure. Without a feeling of routine, you feel more lost and out of control. You will only manifest negativity through this state of mind.

Work on your vision and make sure you are building towards it every day. Use the power of habit for good. Transform your days, thus transforming your life.

Consistency is key!


2 thoughts on “Wish Wednesday ~ consistency is key

  1. That’s a good point that positive habits are also hard to break! A lot of times when we talk about habits, we use the word as if it only means the negative ones. Instead of only bemoaning how strong bad habits are, we should also take time to appreciate the fact that our good habits are just as strong!

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