End of the Mermaid Rainbow (FINAL CHAPTER)

I. Conquest of the Mystifying Mermaid
II. The Mermaid Ball
III. To Be a Mermaid
IV. Mother Mermaid
V. The Lonely Mermaid
VI. The Captain & The Mermaid
VII. Oceana Paradise
VIII. A Mermaid’s Destiny
IX. The Mermaid Prophesy
X. End of the Mermaid Rainbow


There Fuchsia stood standing face to face with Mother Mermaid, who was barely hanging onto her life, moments away from death. Fuchsia reluctantly agreed to take her place after seeing how unfortunate her future would be if she didn’t.

“I’ve tried so hard to summon the Captain, because I knew that would be the easiest way to bring you here,” Mother Mermaid explained, “but I can’t — I suppose he’s too powerful. Although surely your magic combined with mine, we can make it happen.”

“This feels very manipulative,” Fuchsia thought — but did not say aloud. No more wrath, no more lifelike visions, no more holding others hostage.

Fuchsia’s life was about to change, she was going to be the new Mother Mermaid. This meant she would bare a great, heavy responsibility.

“What does this mean, exactly?” Fuchsia asked. “Before, you asked me to be queen. And it was beginning to destroy me, just as the Captain told me being king had destroyed him. But now you’re asking me to be the new Mother Mermaid.”

She replied, “this is different. I wanted you to be queen as a ‘mother mermaid in training’ type of deal, who would pass on my messages to the merpeople. Because I thought I had more time to live. But now, I need you to become the new Mother Mermaid immediately. There’s no time left for training you now. I’ve already assigned your sisters as joint queens: they will have to fight one another for power; most likely Amber the eldest will take the top crown.

She continued, “as Mother Mermaid, you’ll have to live a life of seclusion. It’s the only way to preserve your magic. Being around so many merpeople will drain you, and they will do anything to use your power against you, to grant their own selfish wishes. You must hide out and dedicate every single day to the divine. No more worldly matters, strictly spiritual. I have spent my entire days meditating and downloading messages to pass on to the merpeople.”

Fuchsia nodded, thinking that this job sounded much better than being queen. She would never have to worry about her ego blowing up, or being overwhelmed by people who drain her.

“Let’s bring the Captain here!” She cheered, optimistically.

So the two of them stood together, clasping their hands, and focusing hard on the Captain. But… nothing.

“Is it still not enough magic?” Fuchsia panicked.

Out of nowhere, Mother Mermaid’s face turned completely pale, as if she had seen a ghost.

“What?” Fuchsia screamed, “what is it?”

“I’m afraid to tell you…”

“Just say it!”

“The Captain is no longer with us…”

“What do you mean?”

“He has breathed his last breath.”

“What are you talking about?”

“He’s DEAD!”

“Impossible!” Fuchsia denied, “we just need to try harder!” In absolute disbelief, what she had heard simply went in one ear and out the other.

“He’s gone.”

“If he’s really gone then show me his body! And then we will bring it back to life!”

“I’m sorry,” she sighed, “there was a tragic accident with his ship and there’s nothing I can do now.”

“No!” Fuchsia furiously shook her head.

“Is there anyone else I can summon for you to be Father Merman?”

“Are you crazy!” Fuchsia burst out, “of course not!”

“Then you’ll be doing this alone.”

“I don’t believe you,” Fuchsia continued, “let’s go on a search for him. He’s not gone. He can’t be. Hes my destiny, remember?”

But Mother Mermaid was already losing consciousness.

“No!” Fuchsia resisted as she watched her dissipate and pass on her magic. It was final.

“Maybe I can bring him back with my new magic,” Fuchsia hoped. She knew he must still be out there, somewhere.

Fuchsia began to live her new life in isolation, deep in a cave. All she thought about was bringing back the Captain. She even collected special flowers, herbs, and stones with magical properties for assistance, but nothing worked.

And then she started thinking about her sisters. She used her special vision to observe them ruling the merpeople. Just as predicted, Amber the eldest wore the highest crown. Her other sisters Emerald and Turquoise were still able to enjoy their riches. All three of them were busy looking for a possible king.

She so badly wanted to visit her sisters and see how they were doing. But in order to do so, she’d have to use magic to bring them to her in private. She could not be seen by the public. And Fuchsia refused to use her magic for anything other than calling in the Capatain, even if that meant being away from her beloved sisters.

Next, Fuchsia thought about Madame. How could she have abandoned someone who she considered to be a mother figure without any explanation? She so badly wanted to find a way to communicate with Madame, but that would also mean using her magic for anything other than calling in the Captain. Suddenly she felt a tingle inside of her, telling her that Madame knew everything even before any of it had even happened — for she was the greatest psychic of all — and she was happy for her.

After, Fuchsia found her mind wandering to Zale. Was he really the Captain that whole time, or just that last time when he shapeshifted? And what about his friend? And what about those girls they were with? Should she contact them — would they know anything about the Captain?

And then she shook her head ‘no,’ it was time to focus.

“I will spend the rest of my days praying for him until my death,” she insisted.

Time went by and Fuchsia never gave up. She kept on praying for him to come back. But it was only becoming more and more hopeless.

And then FINALLY Fuchsia felt a strong urge to go somewhere. She felt that she needed to go to the mountains — a specific mountain — “Mermaid Mountain,” a secluded mountain where no human being has ever been, only mermaids and other mythical creatures.

Fuchsia had no idea where this mountain was or why exactly she needed to go, but it was a strong inner tug — like the way the moon pulls the tides in the sea. She followed the stars and let them be her guide.

Somehow, beyond comprehension, she ended up exactly where she needed to be. Mermaid Mountain was absolutely breathtaking. It was dark, but the full moon was shining bright. She made her way closer to the majestic pinnacle.

And there he was — standing at the top of a naturally formed staircase in the rocks.

“My Captain!” Fuchsia called out, looking up at him from below, “come down!” she demanded.

“I am not the Captain,” he replied, “for, the Captain is deceased. I am merely a hologram of the Captain built by your imagination.”

“A hologram?” Fuchsia furrowed her eyebrows in bewilderment, “are you real?”

“Just a holographic image.”

“Well, can your soul still hear me?”

“Who’s to say?”

Fuchsia sighed, and then ran up the staircase towards him. She reached out to touch him, and then instantaneously, the whole scene transformed. No longer in the mountains, she was now laying on top of the Captain, upon a cloud that was floating in the sky.

“I love you so much and I always have,” Fuchsia confessed with passion.

“I love you too,” he said, bright-eyed.

“I need you to come back,” she begged, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him, “where is the Captain?” she pleaded, “he’s somewhere inside of you.”

“You were so lewd when I first met you.”

“It was all an act. I wanted to impress you. I didn’t want you to think of me as any other mermaid.”

“Well that’s exactly what I thought of you — like every other mermaid.”

“No, that’s not the real me. The real me is right here. I know that you have seen both sides, and you need to understand which one is true,” exasperated and losing her breath, she continued, “I need you to bring the captain back to me. I need him here now. Where is he?”

He paused for a moment, then said, “he’s right here.”

Fuchsia’s perception abruptly shifted.

Yes… there he was… right in front of her… for real… but… for how long?

“Don’t leave, ever,” Fuchsia commanded, worrying she’d lose him again, and dove in for a burning, heartfelt kiss, yearning to show him how much she needed him.

“Who are you giving orders to?” he teased, jumping upwards, and the scene changed once again so now they were back in the cave where Fuchsia was before, deep down in the sea.

A halo formed above their heads a a burst of hearts swirled around the two of them. Everything surrounding them began glowing neon.

The merpeople who were far, far away immediately felt a pulse out of nowhere. It was like a heavy weight had been lifted. Not all — but most –felt joy in their hearts, unexplainably.

The Captain & the Mermaid felt a change among the entire sea. They looked at each other amazed, in disbelief. They could feel a healing energy being dispersed throughout the waters. Their love had truly made the world a better place.

But there were some who felt extremely uncomfortable, even disturbed by this change. They did not know what was happening or why their hearts felt heavier as most of the merpeople’s hearts became lighter. There were a select few who did not welcome this new energy.

“We must conserve our love,” Fuchsia held the Captain closer, “don’t let it escape us.” For the both of them knew in that moment there was an energy that needed to be fiercely protected.

Fuchsia fell into a profound slumber that night with her arms curled and cuddled around the Captain.

That next morning, Fuchsia felt twinkling in her lower stomach, and she knew right away what that meant. The new Mother Mermaid and Father Merman would now literally be mother and father! They would spend their days deep in the sea, protecting and preserving their love between one another.

“One request,” the Captain said, “quit calling me Captain. I want you to call me God. And let me call you Goddess.



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