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My new kitten, Luna!

There has been an addition to my family — a new kitten! I named her Luna after the Roman moon goddess and also the Latin word for “moon.”

Her story…

I adopted Luna through my sister’s friend’s parents. They had a black stray who would come around and they would feed her. They thought she was a boy and called her “Spooky.” She ended up giving birth to litters in their garage!

Luna & her brother

Luna was born on April 17th, 2020!

I I took Luna in after she was eight weeks, which is the earliest age they can be separated from their mothers.

Luna’s mama, Spooky

Settling in…

Getting a new kitten is super adorable, but also quite stressful — especially when you have another cat in your home!

I quarantined Luna in my spare bedroom for the first two weeks. A few times, I introduced her to Venus, and got them used to each other’s smells. I was sure to give Venus extra attention so she wouldn’t feel jealous or threatened.

She was very timid and frightened at first. It was nearly impossible to catch her. She liked to hide behind my record player.

But very quickly, she warmed up!

At first she was more scared of me than she was of Venus. She absolutely loves Venus, running up to her and trying to play. Venus is very stressed with this new adjustment. However I think overtime she will do better because she really needs a playmate.

Luna grows every day and has already seemed to grow twice her size! By now, I think she is already very comfortable with her new home. I can easily pick her up and pet her now.

Just like all kittens, she can be very mischievous and also over-exhausts herself. I let her run around the whole apartment now if I’m there. Otherwise, I keep her locked in the room. Venus appreciates being able to have her own space still.

That’s catnip on the ground by the way.

Venus is certainly amused by her and can take her in small doses. Cats become very stressed and territorial when there’s new cat in their home, but cats can be very social and have fun playing with each other. It just takes a lot of time and patience to get through that adjustment period. I’m really hoping they bond soon.

Expect a lot more kitten photos!!!


20 thoughts on “My new kitten, Luna!

  1. Luna has beautiful markings. She seems like she will be a very lovable kitty. Good luck with socializing. Hope Venus becomes her mother and playmate.

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