Hints Of A Suicidal Person

Two years ago, taking my own life came across my mind because of depression from losing my father. I’m a papa’s girl. No one noticed it. Well, I wore the mask perfectly that time that’s why. But how can you really notice a person who is suicidal? How can you know if a person is […]

Hints Of A Suicidal Person

Awareness is important, we are all going through things we can’t talk about.


15 thoughts on “Hints Of A Suicidal Person

  1. I’ve learnt a lot from everything you’ve written down…I’ve been going through all that for a really long time….I’ve thought about committing suicide a lot of times but I don’t really have the guts to do it… because I care about everyone who will be left behind…I now selfharm it’s been years now that I’ve become addicted to hurting myself whether or not I’m not okay that day… your words have helped a lot….lots of love 😍😍

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    1. Hi, thanks for reading my blog and I’m so glad you have enjoyed it. I think that you write beautifully and should keep it up! I hope you know that you are not alone, and thanks for sharing because others need to know they’re not alone, and that is a heaviness you should not be carrying and hiding from the world. Admitting that you need help is the first step and the hardest step. I think continuing your poems will help you process through those emotions and make you stronger in the long run. You are brave for simply being alive. Blessings & love I’m sending your way!!! ❤️


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