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Try-it Tuesday ~ Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers (Meatless)

Today I tried Gardein’s chipotle lime crispy chick’n fingers. They are meatless! They can be eaten as a snack (2 pieces) or meal (6 pieces) — I went for 6 pieces!

Looking at the nutritional info, they’re a bit high in fat and sodium, but if you limit fat and sodium for other meals then it’s still perfectly healthy. As for protein, they’re packed with a whopping 40 grams (per 6 pieces) as well as 30% iron!

In comparison, traditional chicken fingers have very similar nutritional values. However the meatless fingers have about three times more protein. Along with that, chicken fingers only have about 2% iron.

The verdict: Super tasty and leaves you feeling very full! Spiciness level is just enough to clear up your sinuses and reach for water, but not so hot that it burns! I really love the combination of spicy chipotle mixed with zesty lemon!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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