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Cute little dreams of mine

Little dreams I’ve had for my future — some since childhood, some since the past few years; some doable, some a bit far-fetched; some realistic, some romanticized…

Own & live on a little dairy farm.

I’ve always wanted to live in a more rural and spaced out area compared to the crammed suburbs I grew up in. It was age 14 when I became obsessed with the idea of being a farm girl, which was unique for the city-ish environment I lived in. I may be vegetarian — but I love dairy, and I love working with animals. (That’s also the age I convinced my parents to get pet chickens.)

Have a bunch of feral cats running around my backyard.

Animal rights people, or cativists (cat + activists) may not like this one, bringing up the issue of cat overpopulation, but this is just an idea and I’m not saying I legitimately plan on doing it.

I feel like it would be cute to have a lot of farm cats that I would feed and offer partial shelter to (like a little barn) but not let inside the house. Instead of getting them spayed/neutered, I would let them breed freely and then assist their births. Even just to watch one cat birth would be an exciting and heartwarming experience. And then I could have just one or two (or a few…) cats to keep inside the house and have them fixed and get regular vet checkups, only let them out on a gated porch or leash. I know, I see the ethical dilemma, so don’t attack me for it, it’s just a thought.

Make a living as a blogger

It would be a dream come true to make enough money as a blogger that I can quit my day job. I know it’s possible for bloggers to become successful enough to live on blogging alone, but of course it takes enormous effort and probably a good stroke of luck. I would love to stay home all day, be my own boss, and get paid for my passion, although I know that comes with its own unique struggles.

Write & sell books

This may already be in the works… These days with self-publishing, it’s totally possible to sell a book with the right amount of dedication! If I could make a living off of book-writing — another dream come true! But even just to sell a handful of books, knowing my writing was good enough for people to invest in, even if it was just a side-thing, would truly bring so much fulfillment!

Make a living as an astrologist or tarot reader

It’s also totally possible! But of course very challenging and only seems to work out for a select few. Again, even just as a side-job, would be an exciting venture.

Become a dog breeder

Another thing animal rights people may come at me for… But being a dog breeder has always been something I considered, mainly since I started studying animal science in college. Although there was a book from my childhood I adored, it was the real-life story of a dog giving birth to puppies and it included actual photos with it. I was so fascinated by this book, it made me want to experience it in real life.

I would even do cat breeding. For my small business management class (possibly my favorite college course ever!) my project was bengal breeding, and I outlined a whole system and strategy. And as mentioned before, assisting animals giving birth is something that really excites me. I know, there’s so many abandoned shelter animals that need homes, so that’s something to consider. But I would never be a “backyard breeder,” I would obtain a liscence and do it the legal way of course. Still though, just a dream!

Have ten children

I’ve always wanted to have three or four children. But in recent years, realizing how fast they grow up, seeing how depressed parents become when their kid leaves home or goes away to college, I feel like the more the merrier! (Twins run in my bloodline!) Even though I have a lot of career ideas, I would really love to completely immerse myself in motherhood and have my life revolve around cleaning, cooking, and caring for my children. Of course this is not realistic, and probably not as cute as it sounds, but it’s definitely something I daydream about.

Live without Wi-Fi, and minimal electricity

Much more romanticised than it actually is, I sometimes dream of a life that has no internet and not even much electric. Reading more books, lighting candles, cooking from scratch, washing laundry by hand and hanging it in the yard to dry… Phone calls and letters to stay in touch with others… And when I needed to use Wi-Fi, I’d go to a cafe or library or anywhere else that offers it for free. I feel like I’d be more present, productive, and at peace. But at least for now, I can’t see it happening, as I tend to go crazy during power outages.

Crafting my own lotions, soaps, creams, etc.

This one is very realistic, because I’ve done it before. But it would be amazing to be at the point where everything use for beauty and hygiene is handcrafted myself. Even more amazing if I could sell them as a side-job. Totally doable.

Live in a beach town

I’ve always wanted to live in a woodsy or rural area, but another thought is a beach town. What makes me nervous is hurricane season or possible flooding. But in many ways it would be lovely. I grew up right by the bay, which is quite different. I’m talking about the ocean with waves and the whole boardwalk scene. I had a short drive to the beach, but I’m talking about actually living on the beach. It would be crowded in the summer but totally empty during colder months. Living on the beach would be nice but not really something I’d strive for unless the opportunity was somehow thrown my way.

Grow my own fruits & veggies and herb garden

Growing fruits, veggies, and herbs in my backyard. I can totally do this, I just need some land…

Learn new languages

Latin is a “dead language” apparently, but I’ve been trying to learn it because it helps with writing — it’s the root of most English words. It also helps with science because a lot of scientific terms are in Latin. But it would also be cool to be able to fluently speak any other language which I know is very difficult as you get older.

Make foods from scratch

Learning to make cheeses, pasta, ravioli, bread, etc. from scratch. I can certainly make this happen.

That’s all for now, I’m sure I’ll come up with more later. What are your cute little dreams? Ever had one come true?


20 thoughts on “Cute little dreams of mine

  1. Thanks for sharing your wishes with us! I truly think you can achieve them. ๐ŸŒŸ

    By the way, I’m not sure if this is available where you’re currently based, but there are some programs that let you adopt “barn cats,” cats who are too wild to be house cats but will accept food and shelter from people. ๐Ÿˆ

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