Full moon in Leo

Tomorrow is a full moon! It’s the first full moon of the year! So look to the sky tonight, tomorrow morning, and tomorrow night. You don’t want to miss it.

The full moon makes us more social, extroverted, and expressive. It also tends to make us more “loony,” hence the name “lunar.” As the moon has been waxing and gaining momentum, the full moon is the final moment before letting go and release.

This particular full moon is in Leo, putting a spotlight on ourselves, the parts of us that need attention and healing. In its lower vibration, Leo energy is selfish and egotistical; but in its higher vibration, Leo is highly self-conscious and self-aware.

Today, and the rest of the week, is the perfect time for practicing self-care. Maybe it’s time for you to revamp your skin care routine, or get more exercise, or take an overdue and much-needed warm bath.

By being expressive about your self-care, you are encouraging others to do the same, promoting healing among us all. With communication, don’t hold back about your accomplishments. Put your achievements on display.

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