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Catching up ~ Venus turns five & other updates

Happy birffday, V-gurl!

Venus, my kitty cat, turned five years old last Friday! I’m so grateful for five years of good health and hope for many years more.

I ordered her a FLOPPY FISH online as her present, which sadly has not arrived yet! But I was sure to reward her with many extra treats, which I’m sure is what really matters in her eyes.

And I managed to take a picture of me holding BOTH cats at once! As you can see… I was only mildly successful… and the second that camera flashed they had already both jumped out of my hands.

“Out of the Blue”

Click here to get yourself a copy of the ebook “Out of the Blue” by Vikas Karmani. Here is his blog, and here is his instagram.

This book is composed of 87 writers/bloggers, contributing their own, unique 100-word excerpt. It is a wide range of topics, including self-help, fiction, sports, romance, and more!

I am so excited to be included in this book! I wrote an excerpt on the spiritual significance of the lotus flower. It also features an “about me” beforehand with my photo, short description, and blog/social media links.

My Etsy shop is expanding with potions & charms!

My Etsy shop “Crystal Aura Gaze” currently offers online psychic readings. Soon, I am going to be expanding to sell physical products through the mail as well. Psychic readings will remain (and going to add more of those eventually as well), but I will also be offering “potions and charms.” I am hoping by later summer or early fall to have some released by.

Here’s what I will be selling…

  • Tinctures
  • Sprays
  • Body oil
  • Roll-on perfume
  • Wish jars

The tinctures, sprays, body oil, and perfumes are inspired by/named after my personal favorite gods and goddesses. These are mainly based on Egyptian, Hindu, and Greco-Roman mythology.

Safety is an important measure I am taking. All products will come with a warning in the online description plus the bottle label. Tinctures are not for use by pregnant women, those on medication, children, pets, or anyone with allergies/sensitivities to ingredients. Products containing essential oils are for external use only, and always highly diluted with water or carrier oil.

I am so excited to explain more as I move along in the process!


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