Time will tell… and unveil illusions…

Do you ever notice how people tend to check the time more often when they’re stressed, or losing their minds? Check their phones, their watches, the clock, etc. There’s a reason for that.

Constantly checking the time is like grasping onto reality when it’s slipping away. It could also be checking the calendar, checking the dates, and so forth.

Many of life’s unknown questions can only be answered by TIME. It can be something as grand as, “what happens when you die?” Or something as trivial as “what’s going to happen on next week’s episode of this show?” Or anything in between, like, “what’s going on with this person and that person? What is going to happen?”

All of these questions bring so much anxiety. It’s an unsettling feeling, not knowing what will happen. “Will I ever get pregnant? Is it going to work out between this person and me? Where will I be ten years from now? How much time do I have left in this life?”

Most of the questions that bring us anxiety will be answered eventually. It should give us peace to know that. You don’t know right now, but you will learn soon enough. Except… it doesn’t really bring much peace. Because I want to know right NOW.

I am a strong believer that the truth always comes out eventually. This world is full of lies and illusions, but the truth always finds its way. It may take a very, very, very long time… but “time” is illusion’s greatest enemy.

There are many situations where you may know the truth, but everyone around you believes the lies and illusions. You can try to point out the truth, end up accidentally starting an argument, and making yourself look like a crazy person. Or you can sit back patiently, and trust that the truth will come out eventually. And those who believed those lies are going to feel very stupid. You won’t be the crazy one anymore, it will be them who’s crazy.

When I know what the truth is, or at least have a feeling about what the truth is, I try my best to just sit back and let time take its course. It’s extremely difficult. The people around me make me feel like I’m crazy, because they don’t see what I see. Arguing would be a total waste of energy and time. Instead, let the universe do its thing, let it naturally sort out fact from fiction.

And you know, maybe I was wrong after all. Maybe I didn’t actually know the truth, maybe I really was being crazy, maybe I was in denial. I am in no way claiming that I always know what’s happening. I’m just saying, I dig a little deeper than most, which makes me see things most others cannot see.

Time can be my savior or my hell. Time can prove that I was right, provide my relief, and fill me with a sense of justice. OR, time can be my harsh wake up call, my reality check, the confirmation of being delusional and completely out of touch.

Now, not all lies are equal. The word “lie” seems to imply maliciousness, but the word “illusion,” even though it means the same thing, has a somewhat softer connotation. While both have to do with tricks, illusions can be fun and exciting in an odd way. Or what about “fiction”? Sometimes we purposely look for lies, we purposely shield ourselves from truth — not just as a form of entertainment, but as a way of seeking the truth from a convoluted perspective. Strangely enough, sometimes an illusion can be more revealing than the truth itself!

When you read a book or watch a movie, you know it’s “fake,” you know that you’re being “lied to.” But is that really such a bad thing after all? It’s the perfect example of purposely seeking an illusion. Yes, we watch TV for fun, it provides entertainment when we’re bored. But it does go deeper than that. Every piece of fiction comes with a universal truth. You relate to it somehow, and with that, you see your own life from a brand new perspective. And in that sense, fiction provides a true look at reality.

And then there’s gossip — another form of entertainment. It has no substance — rumors can be true or completely false. What happens when you spread around false information about someone else, even when you think it’s true? You’re playing a part in the illusion.

So what if you go around spreading someone’s personal business to everyone you know — just to find out what you’ve been saying was actually false information? That’s when justice has been served. Because you shouldn’t have been gossiping in the first place. When you speak about someone’s personal details without letting that person speak for themselves, you are taking control of their narrative. You are violating their boundaries. You are changing their story around and attempting to manipulate their reputation. Thus, when you realize what you’ve been spreading around is actually a lie, you’re going to feel like a total fool.

So when people spread around false information about you, let them believe it. Actually, no, encourage it. Tell them — yes, it’s true — when it’s not. Let them think they can control your story. Let them believe they have the audacity to tell people your business. And then, finally, let them feel like an absolute fool when the truth inevitably unveils itself.

But maybe it’s me. Maybe I AM the fool, in denial, living in an illusion. I can admit that possibility. Time will tell… I’m just not sure if I’m ready for what it has to say.


6 thoughts on “Time will tell… and unveil illusions…

  1. That’s a beautiful way of putting it, that “time is illusion’s greatest enemy.” And I also love your distinction between lies versus illusions. I remember reading that actors and acting were once sneered at because they were seen as dealing in lies. But telling stories, in whatever medium, is in my opinion meant to hold up a fun-house mirror with warps that let us see angles we normally wouldn’t consider.

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    1. Yes!!! Actors aren’t just pulling mumbo jumbo out of their butts, haha, they’re taking something sacred and unseen and (with the help of writers, producers, etc.) bringing it to light. The same way, we take the unseen and bring it to light in order to promote clarity and understanding, knowing very well it’s not technically “real,” as all of life is an illusion.

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