My faith is being tested, but…

Not necessarily my faith in the universe, or my faith in God, or my faith in my expectations or anything else…

My faith in love.

My faith in love has been tested for so long. BUT… my faith will prevail.

I have to state that my faith will prevail no matter what. I believe in fairness and justice. I believe that love wins all.

Unfair situations come and beat us to the ground. But nothing at all can defeat love.

For all worries and anxieties, I trust in the bigger picture. I trust that there is more to every story than meets the eye. I trust. I believe.

My faith in love is being tested… but, I know, somehow, someway that love will prevail.

Things may be fuzzy and blurry right now. I just have to keep on trusting. Keep on flowing.

I know that the end is never the end. It’s just the beginning. And when the pieces fall back together, my faith will be so much stronger than ever more.

Keep on trusting. Nothing is what it seems. It’s never really over. The world keeps spinning around. Love is not lost.

I love you so much.

Never give up. Fear is only temporary. Keep breathing and keep holding on.





7 thoughts on “My faith is being tested, but…

  1. Hi Laura, Been following your blog for awhile and just read the last 3 blog posts about you being heartbroken. Since I couldn’t comment on your blog I decided to send you an email. It is ok to grieve for someone that you love and have lost – no matter the circumstances. As bad as you feel right now, you are right not to give up – definately don’t give up on living just because of this. Just continue to be you, perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be and now is the time to continue doing the things you love doing even if you don’t feel like it right now. Perhaps this is for the best. Most of us experience pain and hardships, no matter what colour our skin is. Not all white people are privaledged – there are many who live paycheck to paycheck or work 2 or 3 jobs to put food on the table for their kids. Oh and by the way I’m an only child – so I think that trumps being the third or youngest kid. My husband is the eldest, and yes we often clash. Anyways just thought I’d send you an email to say not to give up, even though you already wrote that in your third rant. I had to write down what you wrote about never giving up – think I will write that in my journal.  Oh and by the way have you worked out your Tarot year card yet. I also recently discovered an awesome channel called Avalon Cameron – she’s a witch and talks alot about tarot. Become another favourite channel of mine. All the best,Katie, from Australia

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    1. Hi Katie, thank you so much for your kind words and support! It warms my heart to know that you have been following my posts. I really appreciate you reaching out. It’s an extremely complicated situation and I don’t even know if I have lost them or not. It’s frustrating to deal with someone who keeps you in the dark and keeps their walls super high. But that doesn’t change my feelings and I am always here for this person whether they are here or not. If they want to be honest or would rather be defensive and guarded, it doesn’t change my love for them. I will stand by through any hardship because I can’t imagine the difficulties they are facing right now. I also myself have not treated this person so kindly in the past. I’m really wrapped up in confusion but all I can do is have faith that they are still here with me. I’m holding on and my feelings won’t change and all I have left now is love which is all I can hold onto.


    2. Thank you for validating my pain! Even in my moments of absolute hopelessness I really just can’t give up. Wow, yes I love the tarot cards!!! Thank you!!! That sounds like a great suggestion and I will totally check that out. Again I really appreciate your kind words. Sending you good thoughts and love ❤️ 💜💕


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