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Seventeen types of witches

There are practically an infinite amount of witches. More often than not, you find yourself falling into multiple categories! The following are just to name a few…

1. Baby witch

A baby witch is another term for “beginner witch” — someone who is just starting out. Regardless of age, if you’re new to the “witchy world,” then you’re a baby. This term is not meant to be condescending, but to make beginners understand that they have a long and daunting road ahead of them, and should move forward with caution and respect.

Crafts: studying the history of witches, browsing bookshelves for witchy topics, creating witchy Pinterest boards, starting a witchy blog…

2. Green witch

Working closely with the green world, the green witch is typically a proud plant parent with a fascination for herbs, flowers, trees, and so on. They admire plants (sometimes speaking to them, or hugging the trees), and strive to live close to nature. Even city-dwellers can be green witches, with indoor plants and gardens.

Crafts: nature walks, gardening, studying plant magic correspondences, herbal potions, essential oil mixtures…

3. Kitchen witch

A kitchen witch loves to cook and clean, and enjoys adding a sense of magic to their mundane chores. For example, purposely stirring a bowl clockwise to promote a desire, or purposely scrubbing something counterclockwise in order to dispel negative energy. They may often say prayers before eating, or while they cook or clean. They recognize and reaffirm magical properties of herbs, spices, and other ingredients. And of course, no kitchen witch is completely without his/her broomstick.

Crafts: making a homemade cleaning product, cooking or baking from scratch, giving blessings to their meals…

4. Divination witch

Using divination tools such as tarot cards, runes, ouija board, pendulum, crystal ball, etc. they may predict the future or seek the answers to unknown questions.

Crafts: studying divination arts such as palmistry, performing psychic readings for others or themselves…

5. Cosmic witch

Cosmic witches are highly fascinated with the sky, the stars, the moon, etc. They study and practice astrology. They are also interested in astronomy and the science of the planets. They work with the energy of the heavens.

Crafts: reading their horoscope, birth chart interpretations, visiting the planetarium or a space museum, stargazing, night walks.

6. Sea witch

Sea witches feel strongly connected to the beach, the ocean, and all forms of water. They also feel a strong pull towards the moon and moonology. They often believe they were mermaids or mermen in a past life.

Crafts: collecting seashells, moon gazing, going to the beach, swimming in the ocean, dancing in the rain, visiting the aquarium…

7. Ancestral witch

Ancestral witches are highly curious about their ancestry, from their parents to the past 100-200 years of their family lineage. They often pray to their ancestors, keep up with family traditions, and embrace their culture(s).

Crafts: dedicating shrines to their ancestors, cooking old family recipes, asking parents/grandparents about their childhood memories, decorating home with family heirlooms, visiting or learning about the countries of their recent ancestors…

8. Fairy witch

Fairy (faery) witches work with fairies (faeries) by researching and studying them, praying to them, giving them offerings, making them gifts, and so on. They are highly interested in fairies and extremely knowledgable about the many different types.

Crafts: celebrating Midsummer (when the fairies come out to play), making a fairy garden, praying to the fairies or speaking to them, befriending new fairies as they travel, inviting them into their homes, communication with them in dreams…

9. Crystal witch

Crystal witches absolutely love crystals. They collect as many as they can afford, and try to learn as much about them as they can. When out in nature, they search for crystals or stones or rocks. They use them for their healing powers.

Crafts: searching for crystals, rocks, or stones in nature, using a tumbler, shopping for crystals, placing crystals in their water bottle, under the pillow, certain areas of their home with specific intent, meditate with crystals, wear crystal jewelry, create crystal essences…

10. Love witch

A love witch is obsessed with love, romance, and relationships. They not only desire a perfect soulmate for themselves, but they also want everyone else around them to be happily in love with their destined soulmates. They are focused on twin flame manifestation, and are often eager to help friends find true love as well.

Crafts: love potions, love spells, twin flame hypnotherapy or meditation, divine feminine/divine masculine psychic readings, working with Venus-Aphrodite, reading romance novels and watching cheesy love films...

11. Necromancy witch

Necromancy witches specifically work with the dead. They are mediums who feel they can confidently receive messages from those who have deceased. Often they can see ghosts, or hear them, or feel them somehow. Some of them do it for power, others do it in order to reconnect with loved ones who they miss and want to see again.

Crafts: seance, ghost hunting, paranormal documentaries, mediumship

12. Coven witch

This is someone who belongs to a coven (an organized group of witches) that regularly meets up — whether it’s for religious rituals, or casual hangouts that include a touch of witchy elements. They are highly social and enjoy spending time with other likeminded people.

Crafts: performing group rituals, taking part in handfasting ceremonies, making crafts with friends.

13. Solitary witch

Solitary witch works completely alone. They may live a secluded lifestyle, or only do “witchy stuff” when they’re by themselves.

Crafts: solo rituals, traveling alone, quiet practice in private spaces.

14. Animal witch

Animal witches have great love for animals, possibly leaning to specific species. They incorporate animals and pets into their craft. They may even consider themselves to be part cat, or part dog, or part bird, etc.

Crafts: working with spirit animals, making things out of dog/cat hair, praying to animals, visiting pet stores or zoos, playing with their pet, birdwatching, making random animal noises…

15. Mythical-animal witch

Similar to animal witches, but specially relating to mythical animals such as unicorns, dragons, etc.

Crafts: working with mythical spirit animals, painting or drawing mythical animals, decorating home with mythical animals…

16. White-magic witch

Specifically focused on protection spells. Only uses witchcraft for good. Typically does not try to change the course of fate, but rather, make sure that everyone is everything is going to be okay.

Crafts: performing good deeds, protection spell jars, placing lucky charms around the home, blessing every location they travel to and every person they meet, lighting sage.

17. Black-magic witch

Beware of the black-magic witch, the only type of witch you should truly fear. With a focus on black magic, they use witchcraft to impose harm on others, most likely their enemies who have done them wrong. This is a risky and self-destructive path that should be AVOIDED at all costs… but it does exist.

Crafts: I’ll just leave it at “black magic.”

Which ones did I leave out? Let me know in the comments!


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