Numerology Prediction for 2022 (Year of 6)

This year, the universal number is “6.” This year will of course affect everyone differently, depending on your personal number. But this is the prediction for the overall, collective conscious.

2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6

2021 was the year of “5”

Last year, the number was “5,” which represents unexpected change. Moving forward from 2020, most of us were expecting the pandemic to be over — which almost seemed like it was weaning out, until it hit us vastly hard again at the end.

Now, I don’t want to make this entire reading about the pandemic — although it certainly played a huge part on the collective conscious. All of us experienced change in the way we live, the way we work, the way we socialize — almost every single aspect of our lives.

But pandemic aside, many of us experienced a lot of changes in general — some of them expected, many of them unpredictable. It’s very likely that you made a huge change in your life last year — or there were people in your life who did. The number “5” is all about moving from one phase of life into the next.

The meaning of “6”

So, let’s look forward. The number “6” is a very kind and caring number. It represents a pregnant woman — like a stick figure with a round tummy sticking out below. Sure, many women could get pregnant this year, but it goes far beyond that — conceptions of new ideas, creation of art, and so forth.

This year is all about healing, assistance, and selflessness. It is likely that you will reach out for help, or someone will reach out to help you, or you will be helping others. In terms of the pandemic, this could apply to relief programs being put in place, healing on a physical and financial level. But in other cases, this can apply to emotional and spiritual healing.

If you have recently dealt with a lot of trauma, this is a great year for processing old wounds. Chances are that more people than usual suffered a loss, a breakup, a move in location, and sickness or disease — whether it was related to the pandemic or not. This year, expect yourself to heal from that.

The thing is — healing is not always pretty. It is messy, ugly, and dark. Some days there’s progress, and some days you backtrack — it’s not a constant upward slope. Healing requires wounds to come to the surface for awareness — and in some ways, that can feel more painful than the initial hurt, in which feelings were suppressed.

Typically, 4 and 5, the universal year numbers we experienced in 2020 and 2021 can be difficult numbers. But 6 is generally a very positive and nurturing number. So there is hope. People will be more willing to help each other out.

New cycles

The last time we experienced universal year 6, was back in 2012. One possibility is that a chapter you first began that year could come to a close this year. Another possibility is that, if you experienced trauma during that year, then 2022 will help you find closure and healing regarding that event or situation.

The next time we will experience the same universal number will be in 2031. And so, a chapter you open, a project you begin, or seeds you plant this year, could fully manifest by 2031.

Angel number 222

Another exciting aspect about 2022 is the angel number — 222. People were initially excited for 2020 because of the double repeating number — but actually, angel numbers are three, not two repeating numbers. Angel numbers imply great blessings and protection. I believe that the positive energy we were expecting in 2020 was delayed until this year.

Specifically, 222 symbolizes partnership. This is a great year for forming a deep connection with someone — it could be a romance, a platonic friendship, a family member, a business partner, etc. This also refers to resources, so you could gain more money, or even likelier, receive many gifts from others.

Angel numbers do not imply that nothing bad will happen. Sadly, for as long as you are alive, bad things will happen, just as good things do. What makes this year special is that you will find more synchronicities and spiritual connections. It is ripe for manifesting a miracle.

The last year we had an angel number was 1999. And so, you could find similar patterns linked back to that year.

Your personal year

If you want to get more personal about what this upcoming year will bring, take the universal year (6) and add it to your life path number, and then reduce to a single digit.

Your life path number is the reduced sum of your birthday.

For example: Born November 14, 1994 = 11 (November) + 14 + 1+9+9+4 = 3

Life path (3) + Universal year (6) = 9

Here is a quick reference for what your personal year implies:

  • 1 — A new beginning, putting yourself first, focusing on self-love, trying something new
  • 2 — Important partnership (business, friendship, or romantic), external focus
  • 3 — Expressing yourself, new ideas, high creativity
  • 4 — Establishing routine and stability, looking for security
  • 5 — Many changes, a new life phase, craving adventure
  • 6 — Charity work, peace and harmony, healing
  • 7 — Solitude, internal focus, strong sense of spirituality
  • 8 — Successful business, financial gains, confidence boost, power
  • 9 — High energy, achievements, wisdom, a grand completion

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