Horoscope for February 2022

Overview: The month begins with a new moon in Aquarius on the 1st. At the height of Aquarius season, we embrace the polarity between unique individuality and connected community. You may feel called to join a new team or group, bond with your friends on deeper levels, and give back selflessly, without losing your sense of self.

This new moon happens in conjunction with the sun and Saturn, which are both in the sign of Aquarius — completely amplifying this energy. The month begins on a rather intense start — but nothing too heavy, as Aquarius is naturally a free-spirited energy. This is a great time for brainstorming strategies, creating new ideas, and re-structuring your entire life. You may find that the things you have always counted on in the past suddenly need readjustment.

Mercury comes out of retrograde on the 3rd, which could bring forth an important conversation. Prior miscommunication is likely to resolve itself as things naturally “click.” Also at this time, you could feel a colossal burst in motivation, as Mars textiles Jupiter. You could be feeling supercharged on this day, in the best way possible. Put this energy towards a fun, exciting activity or project.

During the second week, Mercury conjoins with Pluto. There could be a heavy and transformative conversation — possibly regarding your work or romantic commitment. Some may receive a major promotion at their job, others may have a very deep talk with their love interest or family member.

On the 14th, Mercury enters Aquarius, which could yet again trigger another important conversation — this time, more lighthearted and optimistic. It’s a good day for making plans for the future with your partner, your family, or friendship circle. If you are involved in some type of team, whether it’s with your co-workers, or extracurricular club, or volunteer service, etc. this is a harmonious day for making great progress.

The 16th marks a full moon in Leo. It’s time to express yourself and feel proud about who you are — shout it out to the world! You can truly harness this energy by using this time to accept what makes you different, what makes you stand out from the crowd, how you choose to distinguish yourself from others. Go out and wear something flashy and attention-grabbing! Go to a karaoke bar with your friends! Serenade your lover!

Also on this day, Venus is in conjunction with Mars, both in the sign of Capricorn. This marks extremely romantic energy. Go ahead and make that move on your crush, or add some spice into your relationship. Influenced by Capricorn, you and your honey are craving commitment, routine, and stability — you can win them over by proving your loyalty. This influence also indicates that work or money could be involved — perhaps a bonus paycheck, or getting along very well with your business partner.

The following day, on the 17th, Jupiter is in sextile with Uranus. This day should be anything but boring! Minds are expanding, ideas are growing, and we are all feeling encouraged to think outside of the box! The future is looking fortunate — you’ve got big plans, even if not everybody else understands them!

Pisces season begins on the 18th! We now shift into a place of introversion, dreaminess, and fantasy. At the end of February, Mars is in sextile with Neptune, pushing us to take action on our dreams. This beautiful placement blurs the line between the dream-world and reality. It’s perfect timing for manifestation, putting your desires into physical motion. Alongside, Venus joins along for the ride, adding an extra dose of pleasure! You and your honey, or close friend, may join forces in trying to make this fantasy come true.

As amazing as all of this sounds, we are also dealing with Mercury squaring Uranus at this time, which will come with some challenges. Although there will be out-of-this-world thoughts in your head, you may find difficulty expressing them word-for-word. However, this provides an opportunity for tremendous growth between you and others — if you avoid shying away from your uniqueness, and instead, have enough confidence to tell this person what’s truly on your mind.

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Your personal prediction:

Please refer to your sun sign or rising sign. (Your sun sign what most people commonly know as their “zodiac sign.” Your rising/ascendent sign can be found through a birth chart calculator, but is harder to determine because it requires exact time/location of birth.) You may also find your moon sign to be relatable.


There’s a new friend, or a new team on your mind, coming into February. You and this person (or people) are having thoughtful discussions, dissecting one another’s minds, and figuring out how to make better changes towards the future. You’re experiencing great harmony at work and developing an impressive reputation for yourself. You’re speaking out about important changes that must be made at your job. Mid-month, you’re feeling playful and creative — show off your stylish art to the world! By the end, you’re finally letting yourself dream again.


There’s a change in the way others see you. You could be starting a new job, or starting a new venture that everybody knows about, or will find out about quite soon. An important conversation comes up regarding which direction you are taking in life. Someone could ask — “where are you going from here?” Mid-month is the perfect time for traveling with a loved one, or even going to a local museum — anything that expands your perception. The full moon places emphasis on your need for security and stability — you’d be better off spending this time at home. Concluding February, you may be itching to hang out with friends or get involved with your community.


Brand new knowledge comes to the surface and you’re curious to learn more. Mid-month brings a very heavy and intense conversation — there is some type of mystery urging to be solved. You may find yourself confronting someone, or vice versa — this is no time for “small talk” or skimming the surface — you’re digging deep. For those who are coupled up, or hoping to be, things could get very steamy and sensual for you two. Don’t be surprised if you spend date night watching a murder mystery, confessing dark secrets to one another, and then going crazy in the bedroom. Finally, you end the month with a strong focus on career or self-image.


For you, Cancer, this new moon calls for a psychoanalysis, a deep revelation, a confrontation with your inner demons. You are long overdue for a serious discussion with your honey, or your best friend, or your business partner. This important relationship is calling out for change. Once the elephant in the room is addressed, you will find a sense of relief and restored harmony between the two of you. The full moon brings you physical abundance — possibly money or a luxurious gift. Finalizing the month, you’re ready to switch your life into a new direction.


February marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship — whether it’s a lover, a friend, or a co-worker. You are likely to meet someone new, or reconnect with someone old, who will serve to play a significant role in your life. Someone could talk to you about changing your daily habits in order to promote better health. You’re experiencing great harmony with the people you see every day — co-workers, family, roommates, etc. The full moon happening on the 16th is all about YOU! Why not spend this day celebrating yourself?! Lastly, the month wraps up with some type of mystery coming to the surface — you’re intrigued to dig deeper.


There’s a change in your daily routine — perhaps a new workout plan, skincare regimen, etc. This month, you’re letting yourself have fun again. Someone could have a thoughtful talk with you about adding more excitement and thrill into your life. You and your honey are feeling extra frisky around the full moon, and it’s about time that you loosen up! There’s a significant chapter in your life that you’ve been holding onto for too long — it’s time to forgive and let go, to release this burden off your shoulders. Although this is sure to be a wild month, you’re ending it with a yearning towards commitment.


A creative burst comes through at the start of February! You could have a meaningful chat with your mother, or a family member (or someone who feels like family) about a change within your home life. For some of you, this could be about pregnancy or a child. Whatever this change is, it’s sure to bring in lots of positive energy by mid-month. Spend the full moon going out and celebrating with your loved ones. You’re going to realize that you are supported in more ways than you know. At last, ending the month, your mind is focused on creating healthy habits.


Coming into February, your belief system is changing. Mid-month, someone confides in you, and you could end up spilling a big secret. But that’s okay — your words are harmonious and charming. In fact, this person could tell you a secret of theirs as well. Say what you need to say, because people seem to understand you now more than ever. The full moon highlights your reputation — you could be acknowledged at work, or in general, people are paying a lot of attention to you. As the month comes to a close, you’re leaning hard into your imagination.


The new moon on the 1st could bring in a psychic message if you are willing to meditate and listen. In the next week or so, you may be speaking with your bank or a financial investor — it’s an ideal time to set up a new business strategy. Money is looking really good right now, and that’s only because you are taking action and listening to advice from the professionals. You’re finding that what you own — whether it’s a collection of antiques, a stylish wardrobe, or a large bookshelf full of novels, etc. — makes you really happy! There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little bit of materialism! However, the full moon makes you anxious for more — and that can refer to more stuff, OR what goes beyond the physical realm. Ending February, you’re fixated on tidying up and reorganizing your home — you might even feel that it’s time for a move.


Stepping into a new month, you’re going within to evaluate what “completes” you. It may feel like the world revolves around you, as everyone seems to be itching to speak with you, spend time with you, and simply be in your presence. Around the 11th, you could have something very important to say that affects others greatly — or vice versa, someone may tell you some news that changes your life completely! Your relationship with others — your friends, family, and partner (for those who are coupled up) — is very peaceful right now. The full moon is going to shake things up, and you could feel called to “the dark side.” Wrapping up the month, you may find that you’ve got a lot to say.


The new moon is all about YOU! It’s time for a BRAND NEW chapter in your life, Aquarius! Take a moment to reflect how far you’ve come these past twelve months, and where you hope to see yourself within the following twelve months. Something totally major is wrapping up in your life — a relationship, a job, a home, or some significant situation. Talk to a close friend to help you process all of these shifts. Some of you may possibly find yourself tied up in a secret love affair — that you feel like you’re not even allowed to discuss. The full moon emphasizes your partnership, with your honey or a close friend. By the end of the month, you’re ready to move forward, and you’ve got your mind on your money.


Beginning the month, you’re feeling quiet and secluded — even more-so than usual! You could have a lot of secrets on your mind. There could be a great change within your job, neighborhood, or friendship circle — possibly changing the way you communicate with one another. You’re getting along very well with your friends — perhaps even one friend in particular, who you are feeling some heavy sparks with. The full moon draws attention to your health and wellness routine. If there’s been a nagging issue that you’ve been actively avoiding, it’s sure to come to the surface by mid-month — it’s time to finally address this. Finalizing the month, moving into Pisces season, you’re feeling a burst in energy and harmony!

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Pet horoscopes:

This can apply to cats, dogs, or any type of pet! If you do not know your pet’s sun sign, you can refer to your own — pets tend to take on the personality of their owners!

  • Aries: You’re feeling extra frisky this month! You just wanna play all day!
  • Taurus: Mmmm, feeling very sluggish… you’re overdue for some extra cuddles.
  • Gemini: You and your owner really understand each other right now.
  • Cancer: Oooohh, what’s that? A new toy?! You’ve been such a good boy/girl.
  • Leo: Wow, extra attention!!! This is the best month ever!!!
  • Virgo: This house looks much smaller than it used to be. You’re getting older… and wiser…
  • Libra: You’re feeling great harmony within your pet/human family.
  • Scorpio: You’re not just a pet, you’re on duty — catching those flies, or barking at those strangers!
  • Sagittarius: A vacation, perhaps? Or learning a new trick? Let’s go!!!
  • Capricorn: You’re thinking big thoughts, like, where exactly does my owner go all day long…?
  • Aquarius: You’re bonding hard… with your owner or pet sister/brother.
  • Pisces: Daily rituals with your owner keeps your health in check!

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