What can I say… :)

What can I say!? Well… I can’t really say much, but… I can say that I’m feeling kind of magical right now. The past couple weeks have felt magical. I mean, I’ve written so many sad blog posts before, that I’m allowed to write a happy one, yes? I think I’m happy. You know, IContinue reading “What can I say… :)”

Welcome, Aries season!

March 20 marks the beginning of Aries season, which lasts until April 19. This is not only the start of a new zodiac season, but the start of an entire zodiac cycle. Although we celebrated the new year in January — in astrology, this is the actual new year! With Pisces being the very lastContinue reading “Welcome, Aries season!”

Subscribe to my Youtube channel! New Tarot Videos Posted!

New tarot reading videos have been posted on my channel! Please show your support and subscribe, like, and comment! Check out your personal reading by zodiac signs (sun, moon, rising)! CLICK HERE! ARIES: TAURUS: GEMINI: CANCER: LEO: VIRGO: LIBRA: SCORPIO: SAGITTARIUS: CAPRICORN: AQUARIUS: PISCES:

Thirteen things I learned from my palmistry class

So, I have officially completed my six-week introductory palmistry class with Mack and the Zodiac! It was an online class over Zoom which was held live once a week. And then this spring, I will be taking her second-level class! I’d like to share some interesting core lessons I’ve learned… 1. Palmistry is not strictlyContinue reading “Thirteen things I learned from my palmistry class”

I published my second book — “Forbidden Knowledge” available NOW!

I am thrilled to announce that I have published my second book! Forbidden Knowledge is a 239-page novel with 23 chapters. It is self-published through Amazon and available as both paperback and ebook! CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW! The story begins with Alice, an only child of strictly religious parents. Alice was raised in aContinue reading “I published my second book — “Forbidden Knowledge” available NOW!”