Welcome, Aries season!

March 20 marks the beginning of Aries season, which lasts until April 19. This is not only the start of a new zodiac season, but the start of an entire zodiac cycle. Although we celebrated the new year in January — in astrology, this is the actual new year! With Pisces being the very last sign of the zodiac wheel, Aries is the first.

Aries season is a time of new beginnings. Wrapping up Pisces season, we were called to reflect deeply upon the past twelve months in order to figure out what we truly desire. A lot of repressed feelings could have come to the surface. It was a time of introspection, daydreaming, and reconnecting with your intuition. Hopefully, you were able to find closure and walk away from situations that no longer serve you. And now, we step forward and carve a new path.

Aries season is not only about starting over, but also taking action. This fiery energy urges you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Aries season provides that confidence boost you need in order to experiment — travel to new places, meet new people, try new hobbies, etc. — do something you’ve never done before. As a cardinal sign, Aries energy acts as an initiator.

Symbols of Aries

The symbol of Aries is the ram. The ram may be small, but it’s incredibly strong and powerful. It rushes forward, headfirst, ready for action. Its large horns pierce through that bubble of limitation as it ventures onward.

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, which brings high energy and motivation. It can fuel impulsiveness and hot tempers if you’re not careful, which can stir up conflict and battle. It’s important to channel this aggressive energy in a positive way, through physical activity — moving your body, going on hikes, playing sports, dancing, and so forth.

The tarot cards that represent Aries are “The Fool” and “The Emperor.” The Fool is the very first card of the tarot. It displays a man who stands at the edge of a mountain with his chest proudly pointing high towards the sky, about to take a leap of faith. This symbolizes the innocent, trusting, naive energy of Aries — jumping blindly into a new adventure, without any fear or doubt.

The second card is The Emperor, which symbolizes a man (father-figure) who sits on a throne — he is husband of The Empress. This card represents authority, dominance, and being in control. It symbolizes the assertiveness, loyalty, and power of Aries energy. During Aries season, we are more likely to follow our own rules rather than surrender to what’s expected of us.

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To see how Aries season personally affects you, check out your zodiac signs (sun, moon, rising)…

While this is a new start for everyone, you are feeling this to an even further extent. Something very, very major is shifting in your life during the next few weeks. You have recently came to the acceptance that something is over for good, and now you are feeling a sense of relief, a breath of fresh air. Everyone else is opening a new chapter, but you are opening and entire new book. You may not see results right away, but you will look back several months from now and see how everything completely changed for you past this point. Aries season is a time for you to put yourself first, follow your heart, forget about what other people think. Luck is on your side. Your energy is bursting.


While Aries season brings an oomph of energy, you personally may find this season to be a little more sluggish. That’s because this is your period of incubation and rest before Taurus season, which is coming up next. Go ahead and take action, but think slowly and carefully before you do. There may be some secrets or hidden emotions coming out for you at this time. Finish wrapping up projects and let go of what no longer serves you. This is a great time for lucid dreaming!


For you, this is a period of getting excited about the future. Break out your planner and make travel plans, set dates, book flights, put in your vacation requests, etc. You’re feeling a fresh burst of optimism and hope for what lies ahead. Alongside, there’s a great focus on friendship and community. It’s an ideal time for hanging out with your loved ones or getting involved in teamwork. You are likely to meet new people, make new long-lasting friendships, or join a new club. Social events with high, physical activity are especially satisfying for you right now.


Aries season places the spotlight on your reputation and career. You’re feeling more motivated and energetic at your job. You could be striving towards a promotion or taking on new responsibilities. Also, more people are paying attention to you and watching what you do. Actions you take right now have a direct impact on your reputation. Whatever moves you make, people are going to notice and talk about it — in a good way! There is a great perception shift in how others see you, they’re impressed by your passions, desires, and accomplishments.


Brand new adventures await! The best way for you to spend Aries season is traveling to unknown destinations. Whether it’s flying to a foreign country, or visiting a local shop that recently opened up, your soul is striving to visit new places. You will find yourself more eager to explore uncharted territories. Alongside, Aries season is a period of mental expansion for you. Buy (or borrow) nonfiction books or fall into a deep wikipedia hole, as you learn about fascinating topics. You could also achieve a revelation that it’s time for you to take an entire new direction in life.


Aries season is incredibly intense for you. You’re feeling motivated to dig deeper, to further investigate a mystery. You may become interrogational towards someone. Your spirituality is calling you — connect to the spirit world through physical activity, such as dancing, walking through the woods, or some type of ritual body movement. Also, you could experience great financial gain, possibly a promotion to a boss-status. You’re feeling very in control and authoritative right now.


There’s a spotlight on your 7th house — your ruling house — which makes Aries season feel very comfortable for you. You may find that things come naturally, that you do not need to force anything, that challenges resolve themselves with ease. This is an especially harmonious period for you. You’re experiencing great connection within a partnership — that could be your romantic partner, or a business partner, or your best friend, or an important family member. The two of you will bond even further over physical activity — like a rigorous workout, a nature walk, or a sport.


You’re paying more attention to your health and daily habits. You may feel called to begin a new skincare routine, or workout plan, or morning ritual, etc. You could even find yourself taking on a trendy diet. You’re feeling extra motivated to take care of your health, both mentally and physically. Use the high energy of Aries season to do some major cleaning in your home — deep scrub away all of your frustrations! The changes of Aries season will not just affect you one time, but have a direct affect on your everyday life.


This is a time of playfulness, creativity, and experimentation. Your imagination is at an all-time high — use this energy to take on a new creative hobby, such as painting, poetry, or photography. Just keep in mind that the goal is not perfection — it’s all about having fun and expressing yourself! Keep things light and do not hold yourself to high standards — just smile and let it go! There’s a quote that fits you perfectly right now — “be brave enough to be bad at something new.” Also, some of you may be spending more time with children, or hear news of a pregnancy.


While Aries season is all about trying something new, you may be finding it a little more tricky to go beyond your comfort zone. Instead, place emphasis on what makes you feel secure — such as your home or your family. Buying new furniture, trying new at-home workouts, and cooking new meals with your family, for example, will bring you great joy. Some of you may even have a new person, such as a baby or an in-law, coming into your family.


Communication and learning take the front seat right now. You’re feeling eager to learn a new skill, enroll in a new class, or simply have more mentally-stimulating discussions with others. You could find yourself having deep conversations with people you’ve just met. There’s lots of passion when it comes to researching new topics and then letting others know what you’ve learned. Also, something significant regarding your sibling could come to your attention at this time, perhaps about something new in their life.


Attention is drawn towards money and resources. Indulge yourself on a spending spree! You could feel an urge to completely change your wardrobe, change all of the furniture in your home, and maybe even find a new job. It’s likely that you’ll experience great financial gain. You’re focusing hard on your partner, or maybe your closest friend or family member — most likely someone new, or someone you haven’t connected with in a long time. If you’re single, it’s likely that you’ll find that special someone — if you’re already coupled up, your relationship is going through a time of fresh, renewal.


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