Palmistry | Seven Archetypes

In palmistry, there are seven archetypes. Most of us have two or three of these leading archetypes, and likely a little bit of everything else. These archetypes shed light on your core personality traits. They can be manifested positively (high vibration) or negatively (low vibration.)

In palmistry, we determine archetypes by several factors of the palm (mainly focused on dominant hand.) There are also some clues in the size and shape of one’s body.

1. Jupiterians | “Commanders”

Palm: the mount of Jupiter (located under pointer finger) is very large and juicy. The pointer finger may be thicker or longer than usual, especially in proportion to the rest of your fingers.

Body: You may be especially large and tall, thick and muscular, with a high posture. You may also have a large voice and overall dominant presence. Men may be extra hairy but also prone to balding.

Jupiterians are born leaders. They are confident and bossy — large and in charge. Rarely do they ever blend into the background or go unnoticed. Authoritative and extroverted, they often take on leadership roles. They struggle with authority as they do not like being told what to do, they prefer to tell others what to do. They have a great sense of humor and can be very artistic. Socialites and entertainers, they are the life of the party. Usually, they enjoy their drink and smoke, and have a tendency to overdo it. They may also often overeat and overspend. Overall, they do everything on a large scale — they feel things strongly, speak boldly, and radiate dominant energy. Alongside, Jupiterians are extremely wise with a thirst for knowledge. They tend to be very spiritual. There is a great need for them to feel connected to nature. Much of what they do in life feels like “a divine calling” to them. Their weaknesses are excessive pride and sensitivity to criticism. Jupiterians have a high sense of morality and honor and stick up for the underdog.

Career: Politics, activism, legal, education, teaching, life coaching, churches and ministry, acting or singing, food/drink industry.

Health: Sensitive stomachs; prone to goat, fainting spells, and throat/lung issues (may be heavy coughers.)

Romance: Jupiterians are incredibly loyal; they love being married and having a partner who they can be proud of. However, due to their refusal to divorce, some may remain in very unhappy marriages. They are not strongly sexual; they prefer the spiritual and social status aspect of partnership.

High vibration Jupiterians are fair and just leaders that society needs. While they expect a lot out of others, they give back twice as much.

Low vibration Jupiterians are greedy takers who are never satisfied. These are corrupt leaders who we often see in politics. They interrupt, they don’t listen, and they take advantage.

Oprah Winfrey is a Jupiterian with a juicy mount of Jupiter, and it looks like her [Jupiter] pointer finger is longer than her [Apollo] ring finger, which is unusual. Oprah is known for being a talk show host and leading countless other projects. She speaks with a loud and robust voice and does everything on a large scale. Alongside, she is big on spirituality and law of attraction.

2. Saturnians | “Masterminds”

Palm: the palm will be extremely flat with no prevalent mounts. The middle finger may be especially long, possibly many lines on it too. There could be a deep line directly underneath the middle finger. You will also notice the rest of the fingers lean inwards toward the middle finger. The skin is extremely dry, in rare cases yellow.

Body: a very tall, very slender body. Arms or legs may be especially long in proportion to rest of body. Usually a quieter voice.

Saturnians are ultimate masterminds. They have an incredible sense of self-discipline. Extremely smart, they enjoy learning new things. They are very logical and rational, tending to keep their emotions suppressed. These are blunt and matter-of-fact people. They typically avoid drinking and drugs, generally eat healthy or in small proportions. Saturnians value money very highly and will hold onto it or invest it before they spend it. Everything they do is with caution and restriction. Before decision making, they think very thoroughly — they will never do anything by impulse. They are introverts and reserves who keep to themselves. Hard workers, they take life very seriously and can be worrywarts. Lots of nervous tension, it’s difficult for them to relax. They are hermits who strive for a life of solitude and simplicity. Very connected to nature, they have green thumbs and are gifted at finding resources like crystals, gold, and oil. Saturnians actually have a great sense of humor — but it’s very sarcastic, dry, witty, self-deprecating, and satire.

Career: Science, biology, medicine, chemistry, astronomy, computers, teachers (to adults), history, farmers, occult, botanists, writers, researchers, psychology.

Health: May have issues with teeth/gums, skin, veins, bones, liver, hearing. Prone to arthritis, especially in knees, legs, and feet.

Romance: Relationships are not a primary focus and they are less likely to marry. They are restrictive in romance and may struggle with communication. Sex is difficult because they are too much in their heads, unable to relax and let go. In a partnership, they need to be with someone who is reliable and makes them feel secure. They match well with other Saturnians.

High vibration Saturnians are intelligent and interesting people. Their mental strength is vastly impressive. Having also a soft hand and/or prevalent Venus helps soften the cold energy of Saturnians and makes them more positive.

Low vibration Saturnians are possibly the scariest of them all! They can be cold-hearted to the point of sociopathic behavior. These are the psychopaths who kill with absolutely no remorse.

Former president Barack Obama is a Saturnian with very flat hands. All of his fingers lean inwards and there is a slightly yellowish tint. Also, he is tall and slender and speaks with a quiet and restrained voice. He is known for being logical, calm and collected, and never overly emotional. He thinks thoroughly before speaking or acting, never on impulse.

3. Apollonians | “Free Spirits”

Palm: the ring finger is especially long or thick. The mount of Apollo (under ring finger) usually consists of two mounts with a line in the middle — you may find these mounts very juicy, with a thick and noticeable line in between. The mount line may travel all the way towards the bottom of the palm.

Body: Pleasant faces with bright eyes, very expressive. Bodies are usually on the muscular, athletic side.

Apollonians are lovers of the arts. They absolutely adore going out to plays, going to a museum or art gallery, watching films, and listening to music. They are free-spirits with optimistic attitudes. Social butterflies, they are extroverted with many friends. These are very fun, playful people to be with. They value pleasure and spontaneity. They love the abstract and colorful. Apollonian have really scattered energy and can be all over the place. Struggling to focus on one direction, they often try to do too many things at once and spread themselves too thin. It’s very difficult for them to have self-discipline and self-control. Steady routine bores them — they need variety, change, stimulation, and play. Apollonian speak their minds without fear, but they also need validation behind their beliefs. Alongside, Apollonians have fiery tempers and are quick to anger, but never hold grudges. They adore flattery and attention. Do not underestimate their deep intuition and cleverness! And lastly, they are fascinated by the occult.

Career: Need diversity and may often switch around careers; artists, writers, film, fashion, beauty, designers, PR, sales.

Health: Generally healthy, possible heart problems and sensitive eyes/poor vision.

Romance: It’s hard for them to settle down and commit to someone. They fall in love quickly, but fall out of love just as quickly — prone to both marriage and divorce. They love sex, but prioritize emotional connection above anything else. They are very comfortable in their bodies and quick to get naked. It’s difficult for them to stay single.

High vibration Apollonians are so fun to be with, always bringing a smile to your face. They get along with everyone.

Low vibration Apollonians are narcissists who believe the world revolves around them. They hog the spotlight and can be super obnoxious, flashy, and arrogant.

Singer Kesha is an Apollonian — a little hard to see in first photo, but in second photo you can see a distinct crease in her mount of Apollo. She is known for her unique sense of individuality and imagination, and her music is all about partying and dancing.

4. Mercurians | “Detectives”

Palm: the pinky finger may be longer or thicker than usual (of course this will always be the smallest finger, but in comparison.) The mount of Mercury (under ring finger) will be juicy, side of hand may even pop out. There could be a line under pinky.

Body: they are typically short and small. They may have smaller hands, fingers, arms, legs in proportion to rest of body. They usually have more body hair. Their voice is strong and persuasive.

Mercurians are skilled communicators and investigators. Great conversationalists, they shy away from small talk and prefer to dig deep into controversial topics. Incredibly persuasive, they use their charm to get ahead in life. They have a great understanding of how people work, what makes someone tick, and overall insight into human nature. They are clever, cunning, and quick. Mercurians have a lot of energy — both physically and mentally. They enjoy being challenged and seek constant stimulation. Having overactive minds, they must be constantly on-the-go, overexhausting themselves — or else they will never fall asleep at night. These people are highly social and can get along with anyone — however they strongly prefer small social circles or the comfort of their own family. Having childlike enthusiasm, they are great with kids. With many different interests, they are multi-faceted with many different hobbies or jobs. They are interested in history and science, and much prefer nonfiction over fiction.

Career: Medicine, law, finance, math, psychology, technology, engineering, actors, healing, journalism, photography, working with kids or animals.

Health: Generally healthy; nervous system and digestive issues, anxiety.

Romance: They love being married and are least likely to divorce out of any archetype. They are much more attracted to a person’s intelligence rather than physical features. They make excellent matchmakers and are great at pairing people up together.

High vibration Mercurians are amazing listeners, thoughtful speakers. They enjoy making others laugh, as well as challenging others to think more deeply.

Low vibration Mercurians are manipulators, schemers, . They use mind games for selfish agendas.

Danny Devito, comedian and producer, is a Mercurian — mount of Mercury very juicy, long pinky finger, short and stubby hands plus short and stubby body. Despite not having that “Hollywood look,” he gained extreme success through his humor, charming communication, and business mind. He has a lot of strong energy.

5. Martians | “Firecrackers”

Palm: the mounts of Mars are trickier to find — located in the center of the palm, the middle/left, and the middle/right. If any of these areas are juicy, this is an indication of Martian. Another sign is a red hand or excessive hair.

Body: Martians are typically in good shape, muscular and lean, with broad chests. They may have excessive body hair and a reddish tint to their skin. Often they have thick necks. Their voices are strong.

Martians are active, physical, and passionate. They may be prone to conflict, as they struggle to go with the flow. They feel things strongly, especially anger, but also excitement and joy. Although they can be aggressive, they are also super friendly, warm, and animated. Martians prefer to work hands-on, partake in sports, and work out vigorously. You cannot force a Martian to do anything, as they despise taking orders from others. They are extremely competitive, loyal, and never give up. Martians are not intellectual or scholarly at all — they live in their bodies, rather than their minds. They love being out in nature, camping and hiking. Their physical strength is incredibly impressive. They may overindulge themselves in smoking, drinking, eating, stimulants, etc. Many Martians love cars, especially fixing up and working on cars. They have great rhythm and enjoy music, may be drummers. They are very skilled with their hands.

Career: Physical labor, military, construction, sports, business, exploration, cars, mechanics, firemen, police, lawyers.

Health: Muscle issues, high blood pressure, sensitive chests, prone to fevers. They do not handle illness well because they are unable to let themselves rest.

Romance: These are the most sexual of all archetypes. They are not very romantic or sentimental, but still extremely loyal.

High vibration Martians will stick up for the underdog and fight against injustice. They are heroes.

Low vibration Martians are overly aggressive, hot-tempered, and quick to anger. They will yell, scream, and lash out against anyone who crosses them. They are physically abusive and violent.

Actor and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson is a Martian, as you can see the middle/sides of his palm extend outwards and the middle of his palm is less hollow than normal, and there is a slight reddish tint. Plus, he has an extremely muscular build, as well as a thick neck.

6. Venusians | “Romantics”

Palm: Mount of Venus is the area next to the thumb, on the outer side of your palm. It is prominent on most hands, but will be especially big and juicy for Venusians. (If your mount of Venus has many vertical and horizontal lines, it means more sexualized energy.)

Body: Venusians are very beautiful, with baby-faces and a youthful look. They have thick and shapely bodies — full, round bottoms and wide chests. Females will be curvy and voluptuous with hourglass figures; males will be muscular. Their features are soft and round, rather than sharp. Their voices are pleasant.

Venusians are lovers — romantic, platonic, sexual, humanitarian. Emotional bonds and human interaction is important for them. These are sweet, warm, generous givers with strong empathy. They are ultimate caregivers who often put the needs of others before themselves. Optimists with positive attitudes, they are often smiling and cheerful, very pleasant to be with. Sadly, they can be easily taken advantage of by energy vampires, due to their struggle to enforce boundaries. These incredibly kind souls may be overly trusting, gullible, and naive. It’s easy for them to forgive others, as they do not hold grudges. Venusians absolutely adore pleasure, beauty, and aesthetics. Music, dancing, luxury, and entertainment keeps them happy. Some will overindulge themselves in food, drink, or smoke. They require physical touch and affection. When it comes to their goals, they may lack ambition and practical thinking. Venusians find fulfillment in helping and taking care of others.

Career: They do not prioritize their career at all. Helpers, caregivers, therapists, romance, spas, decor, art, dance, actors (tragedies, especially.)

Health: Very healthy and tend to live longer. May be prone to heart trouble or STDs.

Romance: Their ultimate priority is romance. As much as they love taking care of others, they need a partner who will take care of them. They may marry young, or very easily, and unlikely to divorce. They pair best with Martians, Jupiterians, and Mercurians.

Low vibration Venusians are sex addicts and romance addicts. These are cheaters, serial daters, and sexual manipulators. They are involved in sex crimes or crimes of passion.

High vibration Venusians are givers who have a healthy sense of boundaries. They take care of others while also taking care of themselves.

Singer Lana Del Rey has a prominent Venus, these qualities show in her sultry and romantic lyrics. She has a very beautiful and charming persona. Her voice is very delightful.

7. Lunarians | “Dreamers”

Palm: Mount of Luna — directly under the mount of Mercury (under pinky finger) from the heart line to the bottom of palm — this area will be very juicy and may cause the hand to curve outwards.

Body: Usually a little chubby, soft bone structure. Regardless of race or skin tone, they will be very pale — in relation to rest of family. There may also be a pinkish tone. There could be something “alien” about their appearance. They speak softly and slowly.

Lunarians are extremely introverted — disconnected from the external and completely fixated on their own, internal world. They are reclusive from society and do not fit in with others, often very eccentric and misunderstood. They have strong intuition and psychic ability. Their imaginations can be so strong that it can blur the line between dreams and reality. Lunarians love to sleep, requiring more sleep than others, but also have a tendency to stay up late at night. Restless souls, they seek change and constantly reinvent themselves — often changing appearance, like hairstyle or wardrobe. They may travel a lot or move to many different homes, as it’s difficult for them to settle down. They indulge themselves in fantasy, spending most of their waking life spacing out and daydreaming. Lunarians are hypersensitive and prone to overstimulation, requiring lots of alone-time and rest. They are passive and unlikely to take action. Slow speakers and slow movers, they come off as lethargic. Highly self-conscious, they are overly aware of themselves. And lastly, they love water.

Career: writers, poets, psychics, mystics, tarot readers, reiki, healers, communication, language, musicians, water (sailors, fishermen, divers)

Health: weak, anemic, blood issues, hallucinations, prone to schizophrenia or other mental health conditions.

Romance: relationships can be difficult for Lunarians, due to their restlessness and need for solitude. They usually prefer being single or having an affair, as opposed to a stable partnership. They often want who they can’t have. They are sexually stimulated by imagination.

High vibration Lunarians are gifted psychics who can read minds and predict the future. They write amazing stories and poetry.

Lower vibration Lunarians are paranoid, suspicious of others, and insane. They are alcohols or drug addicts who abuse substances because they cannot handle reality. They are pathological liars, cold-hearted, and overly self-absorbed.

Singer Ed Sheeran has a prominent Luna — his lyrics show themes of being a romantic idealist, a need to escape from reality, and he is also known for his love of the drink and smoke! He is very pale and has some meat on his bones.

Overview of all archetypes…

As previously mentioned, most of us have more than one archetype — and balance is ideal. For example, a strong Saturn paired with a strong Luna could imply total lack of empathy, but a strong Saturn paired with a strong Venus shows great balance between logic and emotion. For the purpose of this post, I focused mainly on the positive aspect of archetypes, but all of them have their dark sides — as there are both good and bad people in this world who share the same archetypes. Another point is that a lack of an archetype present on the palm can reveal challenges.

Let me know which archetype you relate with most personality-wise, and if it also goes along with your palm or body type. It’s a bit of a struggle for me because my palm shows signs of all seven archetypes! But I would say I am Lunarian for sure, also Mercurian. I think my Venus is pretty prominent, and my Jupiter and Apollo following that. I think I am least Mars and Saturnian.


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