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Kitchen Witch Tips | Herbs & Spices Cheat Sheet

A Kitchen Witch is simply one who cooks and cleans with mindfulness and intention. If you have not already, please check out this post I wrote about incorporating magic into your daily routine, making your life a little bit more witchy! In those post, I will go slightly more in depth over how to specifically make your mundane cooking routine much more witchy.

When it comes to herbs and spices, all of them have magical correspondences to them. Most of us use things like salt, pepper, and garlic every day without realizing how powerful and protective they are. But when you use these herbs and spices without intention, it weakens their strength. In contrary, when you use them with purpose, you increase their effectiveness.

In the previous post, I wrote about harnessing the magic of your herbs and spices by saying aloud (or at least thinking) what their correspondence is. However, it can be hard to remember what each correspondence means, and it can also be hard to remind yourself to say it each time you use it. And that’s why you should label!

Instead of buying your herbs and spices in small, plastic containers at your grocery store — try buying them in bulk, at specialized herbal stores or online (I recommend Dump your herb or spice into small (or large) mason jars. And then, label them with their name AND magical correspondence(s).

This way, every time you use an herb or spice, even when you “forget” or your mind is too tired to make a conscious effort, your subconscious will see it every time and know!

There are many techniques to labeling your jars — a simple tape and marker, purchasing blank labels and writing on them, using a label maker to print your own, or customizing labels through online programs!

To help you out, I’ve made a little “cheat sheet” covering common herbs and spices along with their correspondences.

Now, keep in mind that this is a basic, flexible cheat sheet. This is to help get you started if you are brand new to this.

I encourage you to do your own research and use your intuition when figuring out which correspondences fit your desired herb/spice. But this cheat sheet is a great place to start. Keep in mind that all herbs and spices have a long list of correspondences, which very likely have been left out. For example, basically every single herb and spice offers some form of protection.

I encourage you to pick one (or up to three) correspondence(s) for each herb and spice. When it comes to picking a correspondence, you may feel overwhelmed, which is why this cheat sheet is a great place to start — pick 1-3 out of the few options. If you are a more experienced kitchen witch, you most likely have other correspondences in mind that go beyond this list.

Choose what means the most to you. For example, take basil — if you are hoping to manifest romance, then label your jar “LOVE”, but if you are more focused on your career and business, then you may want to choose “MONEY” or “WEALTH.”

Many blessings to my kitchen witches! More tips coming soon!


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