Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 2)

The Dark Lord Awakens. Little did I know, that while I was a young and innocent child, the Dark Lord was somewhere deep in his cave — awakening.  The dark lord awoke from a long slumber. He had been asleep for thousands of years. The last time he walked this planet, he walked with otherContinue reading “Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 2)”

Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 1)

And so it begins. I’ll never forget my first love. I was seven-years old and my parents had recently died from a fatal accident. Leaning on the spirits for comfort, they urged me to find a friend in the material realm. Up until then, I had only really conversed with spiritual beings – ghosts, angels,Continue reading “Wife of the Dark Lord (chapter 1)”

“Wife of the Dark Lord (chap 1)” — Follow me on Simily!

I just recently joined Simily, which is a website that allows you to post short stories and receive a small compensation from your views. You do not need to sign up, register, or pay anything. Although you have the option to sign up for free, or sign up with a subscription for more benefits. IContinue reading ““Wife of the Dark Lord (chap 1)” — Follow me on Simily!”

Pick a card [tarot reading]: Your spirit baby (future child)…

I made this pick-a-card tarot reading for “your spirit baby” or future child. This can apply to those who plan to have a baby someday in the future, it can also apply to those who are pregnant or have a young baby now, and as well can apply to your future grandchildren if you alreadyContinue reading “Pick a card [tarot reading]: Your spirit baby (future child)…”

Horoscope | Week of Jun 26, 2022

This is going to be a very lucky week for many. You will be surprised at how quickly everything is moving along, yet keep in mind that this is only the beginning of many fortunate seeds being planted. Coming into the new week, there is motivation to take action towards expansion and good fortune, asContinue reading “Horoscope | Week of Jun 26, 2022”

Cottagecore | Return to nature and slow-living

Cottagecore can be classified as an aesthetic, style, or fashion. But the roots of cottagecore go deeper — as a movement. As a movement This movement began during the late 2010s, and really picked up by the start of the 2020s. It can be classified as a counterculture, like the modern-day hippies, as a pushbackContinue reading “Cottagecore | Return to nature and slow-living”

Cancer Season (June 21 — July 22)

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. In numerology, the number four is characterized by emotional stability, deep introspection, and control. This number is not about risk-taking or popping your comfort bubble, rather, it prioritizes a feeling of safety and security, especially on an internal level. Cancer resides in the fourth house, which digsContinue reading “Cancer Season (June 21 — July 22)”

Horoscope | Week of June 19, 2022

On Monday, Mercury is in sextile with Jupiter, which could trigger significant conversation around good fortune. Tuesday marks the beginning of Cancer season, which lasts for the next four weeks. This shifts the overall theme of our lives from outward communication to inward introspection — emotions, intuition, and also taking control of your desires. YouContinue reading “Horoscope | Week of June 19, 2022”

I made a podcast!

I made a podcast called “Ancient Mysteries and Mythologies” which is available through Anchor and Spotify. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!!! I thought it would be fun to voice-record my favorite and most popular blog posts. I never thought I would do this, but I thought, why not give it a try. People seem to gravitateContinue reading “I made a podcast!”

Horoscope | Week of June 12, 2022

Mercury enters Gemini on Monday, sparking important conversation around this time. The start of the week will be very social. Tuesday the 14th is a full moon in Sagittarius — illuminating our sense of adventure, thirst for knowledge, and spiritual connections. You may feel a sense of accomplishment and overall forward movement throughout the week.Continue reading “Horoscope | Week of June 12, 2022”