Palmistry archetypes: Jupiter

In palmistry, there are seven archetypes: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Luna. Each palm shows one, two, or three dominant archetypes.

The palm

The mount of Jupiter is large and juicy. When you press on it, there is firm bounce. The Jupiter finger is taller than the Apollo. The finger is strong and sturdy without any curves. It may be thicker than the rest. In some cases, there may be a clear line on the mount or just below it. 


The body is large. They may be taller, heavier, or both. They could be more curvy or filled out, but not necessarily. They tend to be very hairy. Men may bald earlier in life.

Their voice is loud, boisterous, and articulate. They may be prone to coughing fits or have weak lungs. The also voice might be raspy. Often, they are singers.

Overall, despite size, they will have a very strong presence. You can feel their energy before they even speak.

General description

Jupiterians are “large and in charge.” Everything they do is on a grand scale. They are lively, engaging, and energetic people to be around. These are born leaders who like to take charge and boss other people around. However, they have high honor and use their dominance for good. Their moral compass is incredibly strong. Jupiterians have problems with authority figures or people who tell them what to do. They like to be in control and have all the power. Jupiterians like to stick up for the underdog and fight back against cruel leadership. They desire to be the voice of those who are too timid to speak up for themselves.

Jupiterians are highly social and extroverted. They tend to be the life of the party. Providing entertainment and being the host pleases them. Having many responsibilities makes them feel needed and important. However, they also have a strong need to commune with nature, and feel recharged in the quiet, outdoors. There is a very strong spiritual side to them. Everything they do in life feels like “God’s calling” or “destiny.” They love rituals and ceremonies — such as weddings, graduations, religious events, etc.

These people have a lot of confidence. Their pride and dignity is incredibly important to them. They will jump head-first into new situations with a solid belief in their abilities. Although, they are extremely sensitive to criticism and do not handle failure well. Commonly, they will have a long list of ambitions and pursuits that they expect themselves to tackle. As they have a tendency to overdo everything, they may be prone to overspending, over drinking, over eating, etc. They never do anything halfway; they give everything their all.

Social status

Jupiterians are extroverted. They tend to enjoy being around people and making others laugh. It’s likely for them to have a lot of friends and popularity.

They feel best in positions of authority. They like having control over other people, having a title that represents power and dominance. In a social setting, they are likely the ones to be speaking the loudest, laughing the loudest, telling the most jokes, etc. They like having command over the entire room.

Jupiterians are attracted to friends who are on the quieter, introverted, and more timid side. They like having someone who they can stick up for; it gives them a sense of purpose in the friendship. Jupiterians may clash with other Jupiterians, or those who are just as loud and extroverted, as they fight over dominance and power.

Love & romance

Jupiterians are not strongly sexual at all. They are unlikely to ever involve themselves in shallow affairs or one-night-stands. Even in deep relationships, sex is not much of a priority for them.

Jupiterians want to be with a partner who they can show off and be proud of. Their lover does not necessarily have to be meek, in fact a little friendly competition and power-struggle between the two can strengthen the chemistry. They want someone who is ambitious, who encourages their ambition as well.

They absolutely LOVE marriage — they wear their wedding rings like badges of honor. It makes them proud to boast about their partnership. Jupiterians tend to feel that being married gives them higher social status. However, their refusal to divorce makes them prone to remaining in unhappy marriages. They would much rather stick it out with the wrong person than “give up.” A Jupiterian who does go through with divorce is likely to get married again to someone else shortly after.

Career path

When it comes to finding the right job, Jupiterians crave a position of power that also makes them feel that they are serving a higher purpose. Often, they will struggle with bosses who are too demanding. They despise being micromanaged. They may be bosses, supervisors, or managers themselves — or work well with a boss who allows them freedom and independence.

  • Lawyer, politician, legal
  • Activism, criminal justice
  • Education, especially teaching young kids
  • Churches, ministry, priesthood
  • Singing, acting, entertainment industry
  • Food and drink industry, chef or baker, waiter

Money & possessions

Jupiterians are prone to gambling and taking risks with their money. They tend to have good luck when their risks are calculated with reasonable logic. Jupiterians are likely to enter contests or buy a lot of lottery tickets. In some cases, money seems to pour their way without them even trying!

However, Jupiterians are just as prone to being broke and in debt. If their risks are too sloppy, they could find themselves in serious trouble. They love overspending, going on shopping sprees, and accumulating many objects. They can be subject to hoarding.

Chances are, the Jupiterian is either ridiculously wealthy or painfully broke. There is likely no in-between.


Jupiterians should watch out for the lung health. They tend to be heavy coughers, prone to outbursts of coughing fits, even if they have never smoked in their life. They could also have problems with their throat or vocal cords.

Also, they have sensitive stomachs. Gout or joint pain is common for them. And sometimes they may suffer from fainting spells.


Jupiterians are generally very spiritual. It’s likely for them to belong to a church/religion. If so, chances are that they are a priest or preacher. If not, Jupiterians are likely to either believe in God or some type of universal force.

Even if a Jupiterian is atheist, they still feel a sense of karma and have a strong, moral compass. Bad deeds weigh down on them as they are easily trapped into guilt. Jupiterians are natural humanitarians and they want to make a powerful, positive impact on the world before they die.

Having alone time in the woods to meditate with nature is vital to their wellbeing. Nothing they do is in vain, it always comes from higher purpose.

Shadow side

Each archetype can manifest in a negative way. The “villain Jupiterian” is greedy, overly dominating, heavily authoritative, and extremely bossy. Their pride can be excessive to the point of narcissism. They may see themselves as someone who can do no wrong.

The villain Jupiterian knows no limits when it comes to food, alcohol, drugs, and/or money. They are gluttonous, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc.

They rule by force — dictators, supremacists, corrupt politicians, unfair bosses, etc. In relationships, they can be overly dominant over their partners and refuse to let them go when they try to leave them.

Celebrity examples

Oprah Winfrey has strong Jupiterian energy. She is a leader, entertainer, and dedicates much of her work to higher causes and spirituality. Her voice is boisterous and her presence is dominant. On her palm, the mount of Jupiter is juicy and finger is long (although her Apollo is also strong too!)

Miley Cyrus has a loud and demanding singing voice, also on the raspy side. She recently had a serious vocal cord repair surgery. She is extremely tall! Everything she does is on a large scale, from her dramatic antics to her controversial performances. Her mount of Jupiter is thick and the finger is tallest.

Prince William, next in line head of the royal family, is certainly a Jupiterian. His mount and finger of Jupiter is clearly thicker than the rest of his hand. He was born to be a leader and likely believes that this is his true destiny.


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