Palmistry archetypes: Saturn

In palmistry, there are seven archetypes: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Luna. Each palm shows one, two, or three dominant archetypes.


Rather than a juicy mount, the mount of Saturn will be very flat — it will flatten the entire hand itself. Saturn palms are usually easiest to determine because the whole palm lacks any juice. Also look for a deep, clear line located on the mount of Saturn, or just below, sometimes reaching all the way down to the wrist. The Saturn finger will be very tall and prominent, maybe having some deep lines on it too. Other fingers may lean towards Saturn finger. Also, the palm will be very dry, could have crackly skin.


Saturnians tend to be very tall and skinny. They are generally not very thick, unless they also have a heavy Jupiter influence. Their body is usually bony and thin. Some of them are very, very tall. Despite size, limbs will appear stretched out.

Their skin is always dry. In some cases, there is a yellowish tint. They could walk very awkwardly or appear uncomfortable in their skin — Saturnians are very beautiful but personally they do not think of themselves as attractive.

They lean on the quiet and timid side. Always thinking before they speak, their words may be slow and drawn out, or especially articulated. On the other hand, they can also be mumblers.

General description

Saturnians are highly logical beings who live deep inside of their heads. They are disconnected from their bodies and emotions, rather lean heavily on the rational side. Very wise and deep thinkers, they are extremely knowledgable and know a lot. They’re especially interested in history and vintage finds. They also have a keenness to the dark arts, occult, and mysteries. They are natural researchers and investigators with excellent observant skills. Hard workers, they take themselves very seriously and hold themselves to very high standards. Similarly, they are also very critical of others and expect people to work just as hard as they do.

Saturnians are extremely introverted. You are unlikely to find them at parties, socializing in big crowds, or being the center of attention. They prefer to keep to themselves. Some of them are complete hermits who live deep in the woods, off the grid — Henry Thoreau was most certainly a Saturnian. Preferring nature over people, they tend to have green thumbs and make gifted gardeners. Craving solitude and simple-living, they are natural minimalists who don’t need much to be happy. Saturnians stray away from the material world, as they would rather save money than spend recklessly on unnecessary and trivial purchases. Everything Saturnians do, from their spending habits to their daily rituals, is with caution and limitation. “Less is more” is their life motto. They restrict themselves in almost every area of their lives.

Saturnians can sometimes come off as completely unemotional; they lack enthusiasm and rarely display their feelings. Saturnians are not easily excitable or reactive; it’s nearly impossible to tell what they’re thinking just by looking at them. Others may not realize how much they are overthinking, overanalyzing, and excessively worrying. It’s very difficult for them to relax. However, they have a strong sense of humor — but their jokes are very sarcastic, self-deprecating, satire, and witty.

Social status

Saturnians are introverted, sometimes to the point of completely antisocial. They likely do not have many friends, or a very small social circle — and they prefer it that way. They typically do not enjoy going out, partying, or being in large crowds for too long.

Saturnians are happiest when they are alone. They absolutely require long periods of isolation in order to function properly. While around others for too long, they become upset and irritable. With friends, they like one-on-one time for short periods. They prefer to spend time at home or outside in quiet nature, away from urban settings.

When meeting a Saturnian, they will be very quiet and not have much to say. They will not be very expressive or reactive to people’s words. But they will randomly come in with a very dry yet hysterical joke.

Love & romance

Romance and sex is never a priority for the Saturnian. They typically have intellectual pursuits that they are more interested in focusing on. Being so content with their own company, they are unlikely to seek a romantic partner.

Saturnians take a restrictive approach in romance, not one to have many partners or move too fast. If they do commit, they can be extremely possessive over their partner. They can also be very critical of their partner, overanalyzing them and highlighting their flaws, holding them to extremely high standards.

Sex may not be such a focus for them because they are disconnected from their bodies with a tendency to remain too much in their head. They often feel uncomfortable with their sensuality.

Saturnians are unlikely to ever marry, but some of them do find deep partnerships. They tend to bond best with other Saturnians or those who respect their space. Having a secondary Venus archetype really helps in love and romance.

Career path

Saturnians do best in careers that allow them to work alone, at their own pace. They thrive in subjects relating to history, geography, or botany. Anything related to research appeals to them. They do not like working with children.

  • Biology and medicine
  • Chemistry
  • Astronomy
  • Computers, technology
  • Teachers (to adults)
  • History
  • Farmers
  • Botanists
  • Occult, dark arts
  • Archeology
  • Writing
  • Psychology
  • Research

Money & possessions

Saturnians are very cheap. They would much rather hold onto their money than spend it. They may be investors, but more likely to keep their savings in a separate account that they do not touch. You won’t see them gambling, buying lottery tickets, or taking risks in finance.

Saturnians can be minimalists and not own much because they do not like to spend money. However, when they do make purchases, they tend to hold onto them forever. They can be hoarders who refuse to throw out or give away old stuff that they don’t need anymore.


Saturnians can unfortunately suffer from a variety of health conditions: gum and teeth problems, arthritis and joint inflammation, dry and crackly skin, early balding, hearing problems. They can also have trouble with their bones, liver, knees, feet, and legs.

Saturnians may suffer from eating disorders and overly restrictive eating that leads to nutritional imbalances.


Saturnians may not be especially spiritual, as they are overly logical beings. They tend to dislike belonging to a church or religious community. It is likely that they choose to walk their own spiritual path, individually.

Saturnians are drawn towards the dark arts. They could practice palmistry, astrology, numerology, tarot, past-life regression, etc. They are interested in esoteric wisdom, things that are controversial or forbidden from the mainstream. They like to learn about conspiracies and mysteries.

Shadow side

The “lower types” of Saturn are the absolute worst! These are the criminals and murderers. They will kill without any remorse. They are the villains who have absolutely zero emotional capacity. Everything they do is strategic. They have an extreme hatred of all humanity. (These types are rare of course.)

Saturnians are sensitive to fear and have a dire need for security. They can be prone to drug addiction, suicidal thoughts, and depression. There can be a moody and melancholy aura to them. It’s difficult for them to live in the moment — constantly worrying about the future and the past. They are grudge holders. And they are accident-prone.

And most of all, they can be extremely insecure. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or handsome they are, they rarely see themselves that way. They augment their flaws and suffer from low self-esteem.

Celebrity examples

Barack Obama is Saturnian, with a very flat hand along with a deep line of Saturn that travels all the way down to his wrist. He is also very tall and skinny. He always thinks before he speaks, avoids impulse, and does everything with caution. Extremely composed, he’s never been seen having an outburst of any kind. He is happily married to Michelle, who also displays Saturnian qualities on her palm.

Hailey Baldwin (Bieber) has a very flat palm, along with a tall and skinny body. Also, the rest of her fingers are very thin. She is a beautiful model, yet in interviews you can see that she does not see herself that way — she refers to herself as “awkward” and has a quiet, almost cold presence. She’s not emotionally reactive at all. Also, she has talked about waiting until marriage to become intimate with Justin Bieber.

Taylor Swift shows strong Saturnian qualities: flat palm, long and thin fingers, as well as a tall and skinny body. She is extremely calculated, has been labelled as a snake (which she has positively embraced), and strategically places “clues” (or “Easter eggs”) in her work for her fans to decode like detectives. Also, her music is not very sexual compared to most pop stars. However — her strong Luna presence on her palm shows that she is still highly connected to her feelings, which allows her to write such emotional songs.


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