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Horoscope for October 2022

Lately, it feels like everything has been moving backwards — that’s because most of the planets are currently in retrograde. There’s been a lot of hurdles, long waiting periods, and moments of pause and reassessment. That’s all about to change in October.

On the 2nd, Mercury comes out of retrograde, and prior blockages in communication come back into flow. This could spark an important conversation, or you could learn something interesting around this day — keep your ears open! The following week, Pluto comes out of retrograde, after hiding away from us since last April. When Pluto turns direct, it means that darkness and destruction comes forth — this intense rebirth is absolutely necessary for clearing the skeletons out of your closet in order to make room for blessings. And lastly, Saturn also comes out of retrograde; this takes place on the 23rd. Saturn going direct can serve as a harsh wakeup call for some, but it can also encourage you to set more boundaries and structure for your own wellbeing.

Coming towards mid-month, the full moon in Aries takes place on the 9th. This full moon will highlight a fresh start, along with so many planets turning direct, adds yet more of a feeling of moving forward. Prior feelings of yearning for the past are sure to melt away. That following day, Mercury enters Libra, which may trigger communication surrounding legal matters or a beneficial partnership.

The 23rd is a big day, because not only does Saturn turn direct, but Venus enters Scorpio — plus, Scorpio season officially begins! The harshness of Saturn is balanced out by the sweetness of Venus, however with Scorpio being such a destructive sign, this timing could be quite earth-shaking for most. At this time, we are exiting calm and steady Libra season, now entering chaotic and unpredictable Scorpio season. The conclusion of October will be heavy and intense, but it’s also a great time for intimate relationships.

There is a lot happening this month, because it doesn’t end there — on the 27th, Jupiter enters Pisces, which is an extremely harmonious placement. Jupiter is still in retrograde until November, but this transit is sure to bring a dash of good luck for all. On the 29th, Mercury enters Scorpio, meaning that conversations with others suddenly turn controversial and perhaps accusatory. At last, Mars goes retrograde on the 30th, which means that you are eager to avoid conflict and friction going into November.

Personal horoscopes — check your sun, moon, and rising signs!

Aries, the full moon happening on the 9th takes place in your sign, which makes it all about you! This promotes self-awareness and highlights your identity. It also implies a new chapter in your life; you may feel like you are being reborn this month into an entirely different person. Also occurring mid-month, communication opens up between you and your partner, and you find it very easy to see eye-to-eye with others. Your speaking and listening powers are heightened. By the third week, attention is drawn to the dark, mysterious, and private part of your life. Some of you could be getting involved in a secret affair, or feeling more intimate with your sweetie. There is deep transformation happening in your love life. Alongside, you are granted a psychic boost from the universe — take note of your dreams at the end of October. Wrapping up the month, there’s a lot happening in your private life — find a safe and secluded outlet for your emotions, like a journal, and resist spilling secrets to people with big mouths!

The universe is telling you to look within during the full moon — there’s something that you need to release for good. A secret may come into light. Alongside, there’s conversation happening around your career path, and for others this could be about your health. Later in the month, your life is being shaken up with incredibly strong, romantic energy. For some, this could be about bonding deeply with your best friend, but for many others this has to do with a connection that goes much further beyond friendship. There is sure to be a deep change — whether that means meeting someone new, having a fresh start with someone from your past, or breaking up. Whatever this change is, it is nothing to fear, as it is absolutely necessary for you to find a deeper understanding of your dark side. Be aware of a serious conversation towards the end of October — perhaps a business deal that will lead to vast success, or a secret confession from your loved one. Finishing the month, you’re feeling incredibly supported by your community or friendship circle, and there’s a sense of great hope towards the future.

The upcoming full moon will be highly social for you — spending time with friends or teammates will be extra beneficial. Conversations with others are fun and exciting. Collaborating on creative projects can lead to some magnificent ideas. You’re feeling very restless and eager to welcome change that will bring you more pleasure. For those with children in your life, this is a great month for you to communicate and relate to them. In the final week of October, you’re feeling dedicated towards your health goals. You may feel inspired to begin a new workout routine or skincare regime. There’s a sense of pleasure in your daily habits. You’re even encouraged to speak to others about your daily rituals and spread the inspiration. Also at the end of October, there’s major expansion happening in your career — you may not see results right away, but the first steps are being taken.

There’s a spotlight on your career path or your role in society. People are paying attention to you and noticing your efforts. The full moon for you marks a place of recognition. You could be holding yourself back when it comes to communication, but when you find the right comfort space to open up, your subconscious thoughts may come into light. The end of October marks a period of playful, imaginative, and experimental energy. Those who are coupled up will watch the sparks come back as you feel like a child again with your sweetie. And those who are single may have some excitement bouncing around between new partners. You are also birthing some type of new, creative project. There will be lots of change by the end of this month, but for you, all very exhilarating changes! Plus, the universe is bound to teach you something fascinating as your mind is completely expanded!

You could be traveling somewhere far, or learning something different, in the first half of October. Overall, your life is emerging into a massive expansion. There’s a lot of important conversation happening around you, and your speaking and listening skills are heightened right now. You may be involved in some teamwork or creative collaboration. In the second half of the month, there’s a lot of focus on your home or family. There could be all types of changes happening in that area of your life. Whether it’s moving somewhere new, or making changes to your living space, or welcoming a new family member — there is a lot of joy and happiness in their sector. The very end of the month marks yet another period of great transformation — there may be an intimate partnership that is gaining momentum. Let yourself gravitate towards the spiritual occult!

You’re falling into a deep mystery, coming into October. You could be doing some research and investigation, perhaps even interrogation. There is an emotional rebirth happening for you. Conversation for you is revolving around resources, perhaps your money and financial status. There may be important communication about spending habits. The latter half of this month is sure to be incredibly social, full of teamwork and creative collaboration. Some of you may be spending extra time with siblings or cousins, perhaps going out with coworkers after work hours. Local travel will serve you well — exploring parts of your town that you haven’t seen much of before. For those who are partnered up, this is an excellent time for seeing eye-to-eye and having stimulating talks with one another. Your partnership takes the spotlight at the finale of October. If you’re asked to sign a legal contract, think it through beforehand, perhaps put it off a few more weeks if possible.

Stepping into October, there is a partnership being amplified around the full moon. This could be your sweetie, love interest, close friend, or business partner who is playing a huge role in your life right now. Mercury is transiting into your sign, which means your communication skills are very sharp, and it feels like the conversation is revolving around you. You may be communicating with someone about having a fresh start. In the second half of the month, there’s great emphasis around your money and resources. Some of you could receive a bonus paycheck, perhaps even a gift from your sweetie. This is a good time for making beneficial business transactions, as you are highly aware of what is in it for yourself. There is also an expansion happening within your career, or your health, or your daily habits. You’re very much focused on keeping yourself materially stable.

You’re highly focused on health, career, and keeping up with your daily routines. Extra attention is being paid to the little details, so intensely that you may be unable to see the big picture. When it comes to communication, you could be holding your words back or thinking much longer before you speak. Someone may come to you confessing a secret, or vice versa. The end of the month is all about you, with the sun, Venus, and Mercury entering your sign — along with the new moon in Scorpio! You’ve wrapped up a huge chapter of your life; now it’s time to take that first step forward in this new chapter. You could be beginning a new relationship or starting over with your sweetie, you could be making new friends, and you could also be developing a new sense of identity. Self-care and self-love is your top priority! Concluding October, your imagination is expanding, which marks an excellent time for art projects. For some, any children in your life may become a center focus.

Sagittarius, the full moon highlights your imagination and creativity. You’re getting in touch with your inner child, maybe even spending more time with kids. You’re also getting along well with friends and having excellent discussions with one another. You feel supported by your community. The latter half of October brings a lot of darkness — seeking peace and closure, letting go of the past, and keeping secrets. Some of you are walking away from a loved one, while others could be involved in a secret affair. Don’t be shocked if someone comes to you with a private confession that you must not spread around. Your spiritual powers are heightened and your intuition is on point — pay attention to your dreams, they’ve got a message for you! Wrapping up the month, something involving your home or family is about to expand — or on the other hand, this could be you diving even further deeper into your subconscious.

You may be feeling a little more private and secluded during the full moon. Spending this time with family, or staying at home, will feel best! You cannot ignore what you’re feeling deep down, so don’t be afraid to get a little emotional. Be careful with your words, because more people are listening right now than you realize. This is the perfect opportunity to speak up at work and know that your voice was heard. The second part of October revolves around your team or friendship circle. At this time, you are very popular among your group of people. Some of you are making a new friend or joining a new community. There’s a great sense of pleasure for you when you involve yourself in group projects. Perhaps even, a close friend of yours is now being seen as more than a friend, for a select few of you. Although the month beings more slow and secluded, you’re sure to be feeling extremely socialized by the conclusion of October.

This month should start out on a fun and curious foot, as the full moon highlights your connection with peers and creative flow. It’s an excellent time for doing some local travel or learning a simple hobby. At the same time, you’re extremely eager to take everything you’ve been absorbing and communicate it with others. That simple hobby you recently picked up could quickly turn you into a teacher, passing on this knowledge to new students. Later in October, the focus is switched to your career path, or your role in society. You’re gaining a lot of recognition and attention. You’re highly aware of your reputation and social status. People are saying good things about you, you could even attract a new romantic interest through your work. You will be sure to feel a strong sense of achievement in practically every area of your life. As you exit October, you are sure to being reaping the financial rewards! A promotion is right around the corner!

Coming into October, you are likely to find financial abundance! Some of you may receive a bonus paycheck or a gift from a friend — others may feel compelled to go on a big shopping spree. Communication takes a swift turn into darkness and uncertainty — there could be an unexpected conversation that pops up, or a talk with someone that changes everything! A couple weeks in, there is great emphasis on expansion. Some of you are traveling somewhere far and mysterious, while others are excelling in a subject like a master guru. There is an insatiable craving to go beyond this realm into uncharted territories. Singles are likely to meet a special someone through school or travel, and those coupled up will experience a deeper bond by trying something new and refreshing together. At last, Jupiter (your planet) enters Pisces (your sign), implying that the last few days of October will be extremely fortunate for you — expect the universe to either shower you blessings! While Jupiter remains in retrograde until late November, this fortune may emerge slowly, but will emerge nevertheless.


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